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Rooftop for Rent in Los Angeles

Jaw-dropping rooftop studio with panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles.

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Our rooftop is available for rent for photography, video projects, and small events!
The rate for a typical photo project rental is only $49.99 per hour

We can provide power, photography strobes, access, bathrooms and a great experience for every client

If you have a big team or need a comfortable place to do makeup, styling or any preparations before going up on the roof – rent one of our Art stages along with the rooftop and get a special discount on both.

Rooftop hours are 8am-6pm Monday through Saturday.
Important: the Rooftop is closed on Sundays.

Call us for more details on pricing and to make reservation - 213-536-5631

or email at

This one-of-a-kind photo studio for rent is a spacious rooftop with a 360-degree view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline. This studio is the perfect venue for urban photo or video shoots due to its abundant natural light and commanding view of the LA skyline.
Make the entire downtown Los Angeles skyline the backdrop for your next shoot with FD Photo Studio!
All FD Photo Studio rentals include a variety of included extras. Due to the unique nature of the rooftop studio, we can provide access to power, strobes, bathrooms, and more.
Additional extras, like makeup or styling stations, can be obtained by renting an art studio alongside the rooftop with a special discount given for both.
The rooftop hours are 8 a.m. through 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The rooftop is closed on Sundays.
Be sure to book well in advance and call ahead if you have any questions about availability. Our daylight rooftop studio is in high demand for its stunning view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline, so feel free to inquire early about your next shoot. Rental rates are affordable, with a one-hour minimum required.

Rental Rates

  • Monday - Friday

  • Saturday - Sunday

  • 12 Hour Pack Can be split
    0% Discount Total: $599
  • 8 Hour Pack
    0% Discount Total: $399
  • 4 Hour Pack
    0% Discount Total: $199
  • Rent By Hour 1 hour minimum
  • 12 Hour Pack Can be split
    0% Discount Total: $599
  • 8 Hour Pack
    0% Discount Total: $399
  • 4 Hour Pack
    0% Discount Total: $199
  • Rent By Hour 1 hour minimum
Not including processing fee
Such as you can use 2 hours today, 1 hour tomorrow and save the rest for your next project. Hours never expire
Calendar will update in sec

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Three default colors (White, Grey and Black) and the first color backdrop's installations are FREE! Additional color backdrops are just $10/installation. All backdrops are $4.99 per damaged foot.

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Maria Anitova

Hey guys, can I bring a dog to the shoot? Is it extra? Thank you

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hi Maria! You are more than welcome to bring your dog, and we have absolutely no additional charges for it. All you need to do is fill out a pet waiver that we will kindly provide before the booking. All exotic animals have to be supervised by a professional trainer.

Kevin R.

Hey FD team. Is smoking allowed on the rooftop? Thank you.

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hello Kevin, thank you for your question. We do not allow smoking/alcohol anywhere on our premises, as a part of our client safety and satisfaction program. Thank you!

Jose Martinez

Do you have packages for the rooftop as well? I would like to purchase 8 hour package, if possible.

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hello Jose, good question! The LA Rooftop stage has only one simple price – $49.99/hr, regardless of the amount of booking time needed. We currently do not provide any packages for this studio.

Foto Superior

Hi FD team, happy to shoot soon at your stage! Is there any place I can change if I rent rooftop stage? Thanks a lot!

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hi Foto Superior, we are excited to have you at our studio! The rooftop itself does not have any changing rooms/sections installed. However, you can use our bathroom located in the hallway of the 5th floor to change/prepare. Please note, if a big crew preparations are involved, it is alway a good idea to rent a separate stage (any of our Art 1,2,3 or 4 stages) for that.

Kelsey Kay

Hello FD, what is the earliest time I can book the rooftop stage at? Thank you.

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hi Kelsey, You can book the studio as early as 8am on Monday – Saturday. Please note that the LA rooftop is closed on Sundays. Thank you!