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Peter Green
on Google+

Used the studio multiple times for various projects, mostly for my product photography. They have the mannequins, steamer and all the equipment I need.

Leslie Rockitter Photography

I shot here for the very first time yesterday. Great location, great light, great studio!!! Everything you need is there. The best part if these studios is Toma. She is beyond resorsful and extremely helpful. Will use these studios as my go to!!

Maryna Rybalka

This was my first experience of working in a professional photo studio. To tell you the truth, I didn’t quite know how to set the lights and work with this professional equipment. The FD photo studio staff helped me a lot through all the process of shooting. Both, the model and I were very happy with the result. Nigel Barker liked the photos!


Great staff, easy to work with and very helpful.

Steven Pressler

Really enjoy using the new studios. Great natural light and the studio is well equipped with everything I would need to shoot fashion and portraits. The experience is all the better because Alex is my guy!! Always there for me and willing to help. Great job and thanks for everything

Andrey K.
Los Angeles, CA

The best studio in town no doubt, lots of space plus latest equipment, strongly recommend!

Carlo P.
Los Angeles, CA

Stage A has great natural light and the all white paint makes for nice high key indoor window light shots. Great for quick small-scale shoots.

Stage B, in my opinion, should primarily be for shoots with strobes. Natural light is not as great but it's set up nicely for use with studio lighting.

Stage C is HUGE. The light is not as nice as Stage A's (probably because of the bigger size) but is still very workable. The sheer size makes is a very versatile open space.

FD Photo Studio is a no-nonsense studio rental facility where you can go in, book a time frame, and get the shot done. Space is there when you need it. Lights are there when you need them. Staff is there when you need something. It's definitely a one of a kind deal in downtown.


Such a great studio to shoot , Studio A is really amazing with large windows to allow in natural sun light, and enough room for production photography.

Mj L.
Glendale, CA

I actually haven't rented studio space here yet, but I felt like I should write a review based on the customer service I've experienced so far.

I recently reserved Studio A, and on the day that I was supposed to shoot, I had a horrible accident.

When I canceled, this was the response I received from Sergey:

"Don't worry about the reservation, I cancelled it for you.
Hope everything is OK with you and nobody is injured at the accident.

Wish you fast recovery and all the best."

Now that is stellar customer service!

Well done, Sergey!

I sincerely hope to shoot there soon!!

Jenna Fox

I am the manager of a rock band in SoCal called Real Fiction. We were in need of a location to film their music video on a tight budget. This is a great place at affordable prices for an indie band to film their rock video. It was perfect I couldn't have asked for a better place. As soon as I saw the location I knew it would work. Easy to book and friendly knowledgeable staff. I will absolutely use FD studio in the future. Thank you for having us.


It was great. Wish we booked more time. Definitely coming back!

Mark San Agustin

So This place is amazing, and have always used this studio for my model work, and the staff had always been helpful and nice. Toma and this other guy that works usually at the art studios are great. But 04/18/2016 I booked my Studio here and felt very unwelcomed with Daria. I was running 1 hour late and called ahead to see if it was okay to push it an hour ahead they said its fine. I arrived there and they now lock the door to get in and you have to call for them to go down, which she did not look happy going down to open the door from the beginning. And as I was filing up the papers she had me wait, so this was already taking up 15-20 minutes of my time. She asked me if I was going to use the Cyc wall and the paper backdrop I said no. When we finished shooting we started cleaning up which took 15-20 minutes of our time which I thought was okay because she took 15-20 minutes of my time, Daria came in with an attitude and started inspecting they studio. She asked me again if I used the paper backdrop, I said no. Apparently the white backdrop had some black marks. She asked me 5 times if I used it and I got offended! I said are you calling me a liar? she said if you used it, it's fine there's no charge just say it! And to my frustration, I said if that's going to make you happy then fine I used it, even though I didn't. Then she kept accusing me when I had already said what she wanted to hear. Keep in mind this was in front of my model that also knows we did not use it. She said there's no problem , I said well there is, because your accusing me, check my camera and see if there's any white backdrops. There's no reason for me to use the white backdrop as they already have white walls everywhere And I usually go here for the windows and lighting! I told her this is ridiculous, because they post my photos on their Instagram without my permission and I don't accuse them of anything or say anything about it. I took a video of the whole studio just in case she accuses me of using the cya wall and leaving the place a mess. I should've have to do this. I lost trust in this studio and will never go back thanks to Daria! There's other studios around like the Penthouse Studios.The next day I found out they blocked me on instagram so I don't even know if they took my photo down or not. But overall their staff has changed and it is not good for business!

Steven A.
Studio City, CA

I have been using FD Photo Studio for the past 6 months and the experience has been nothing short of excellent. The studios are clean and well equipped. Just show up with the model and shoot!! The staff is great to work with and is aways helpful. Alex is the guy up front and is quite accommodating. Would highly recommend the studio to any photographer who needs a great loft environment to shoot in and has all the lightning equipment you would ever need readily available


Everyone was so nice working there. The płace was fantastic and price was amazing. Very happy

Kris R.
Los Angeles, CA

I love this place! Such an inspiring and versatile studio! Great atmosphere and amazing people working there! So friendly and helpful! 5 stars all the way!

Los Angeles, CA

I've shot at FD Photo Studio several times. The place is huge with 3 different spacious studios.
I've honestly had the best experiences every time I've been there! Last time I was there to shoot a recent collection of my clothes line. Alex, the receptionist, is always professional and very helpful!
They just hired more assistants so the studio could be already set up the way YOU want it when you come in which is very helpful and saves you time and money. Not to mention that you're already saving money with their great 12-hour packages.

Liomir Martinez

We recently shot our Fall 15 Product Look Book and could not be happier or more pleased with our overall experience at FD Photo Studio. From booking to the actual shoot day everything was easy and everyone we interacted with was incredibly friendly and professional. Awesome Studio. We will definitely be back.:-)

Frank Ross

Love the natural lighting. Great place to shoot. Nice friendly staff.

Serg I.
Lakeside, CA

Awesome place and very good rates. Alex is always helpful . That's my first time at the new location and it's just perfect, larger and cleaner studios . Definitely my favorite place for photoshoots.

Alex B.
Los Angeles, CA

Great place! Been there for a few times and will definitely shoot more up there!

Guys who work there are cool and the place is huge. A lot of space for creative.

Great gear - easy to work with for beginners and pros.

Also a huge plus is the price!

Definitely recommend this place.

David Waters

Thanks for a great video shoot. The staff was always there and very helpful. We will be booking FD Studios again soon, THANKS!!

Julia Shema

We did shooting of our products at FDPhotostudio.
Reasonable price, great service and convenient location compare to other places.
Hope to work together on a permanent basis.
Thank you for doing a great job!

This place is amazing! The staff is really helpful and the place is very clean and ready to go when you arrive. For this rate, I wonder if one can find a better studio. Make sure you drop the equipment first because parking lot is a walking distance.


Wonderful customer service... Always a pleasure shooting there. No issues except I wish that
someone would be available to edit images as the customer ask. Other than that no issues. I would recommend to a friend.


Just great location and very chill!

Kendall G.
Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, CA

This studio is so dope! Great natural lighting and really cool space. They have good portions where to get ready for hair and makeup and a clothing rack and couch also. Very useful. Love that it's in the flower district too, definitely would love to shoot there again.

Mo H.
Los Angeles, CA

Great place. the set up, the rooftop access is a wonderful plus and the rates are great.

Marla D.
Long Beach, CA

I shot here a few times and have been happy each time. The staff have been more than helpful and accommodating. Parking is easy: do not park in the structures!
I would recommend this place!!!
Roof top is not available due to liability I guess.
You cant beat the price.

Petr Green

Used FD multiple times for photo shoots for Volga Verdi clothing line – the results are amazing! Great rates, convenient location and high professionalism. Will use again. So far wins my best choice award for a photo studio in los Angeles.

Lana K.
Los Angeles, CA

I had a superb experience with FD Photostudio. I had no problems reserving the studio, confirming it and shooting there! The staff was friendly and with good sense of humor, they helped me to get all the equipment I needed for my shoot and even made suggestions about the lighting set up. The make up station was nice and clean. There is also a sound system where you can just plug your phone in and enjoy the sound. There were other people working in two other spaces, but my team and I never felt like the space was crowded, we had our privacy and it was very appreciated. I am definitely coming back again!

And their new location is awesome - three spaces, lots of natural light and there is one stage with black curtains! Studio C is HUGE!!! They have lots of different light modifiers - from a gridded snoot with different color gels to an enormous octo. There are some big V-flats, even some props, just ask! It is very suitable for beginners as well.


The staff was great. Super friendly and helpful. The space is also perfect, with plenty of natural light.


Toba was fantastic to deal with throughout. From our first call to the point when we had wrapped out - she was great. Thank you!


Very friendly! Love this studio.


The lady at the front desk helped me with setting up the light. I had a few questions and was humble in response. Definitely coming back

Ali LeRoi

I love shooting at FD. The staff is great and the booking system is seamless and efficient. Great space and great light if you ant to go natural. Other extras like makeup station, wardrobe racks, changing space are all a big plus!

You can tell by the lack of space in their schedules that FD Photo Studio is starting to catch on as the go-to hourly rental. Easy location for most people, clean studios with functional equipment, many light modifiers to choose from, employees who are incredibly helpful, bathrooms, backdrops, etc. Studios A and F are great, although A gets pretty warm in the morning thanks to direct sunlight. Can't wait to try the new spaces!

Chad Hill

LOVE this studio! SHOOT HERE!! I ll be in to shoot tomorrow for the 2nd time this week. Grateful!


Used FD Studios for first time- great experience.
I forgot my triggers- no problem, I was able to borrow some.
Alex was a cool guy and helped out and was available to our questions.
The studio is clean and has space to meet the demands of many a photoshoots- it was well worth my time and effort planning a shoot with them and I’d recommend it.

Ilia K.
Los Angeles, CA

It's BEST place to implement any ideas for photo and video shooting. The location inspires to create unique work. Thank you guys for making this studio.

I love FD studio. This place is like a home to me :).
I use this studio a lot to shoot portraits, engagements, fashion and artworks. Great view from the roof to the skyscrapers.
The Best and the cheapest photo studio in Down Town LA.

Product D.
Los Angeles, CA

Great place!

Gerardo M.
Orange, CA

After seven months of doing nothing I decided to do some review of what I learned in lighting and rented the studio for a while. Very cool place, the owner is cool. He helped me out too. Rooftop access was awesome, will be coming back when they get their new studio opened up to finally get some cool photos in.

Lida K.
Glendale, CA

Having shot at FD Photo Studio for about 5 times, I can't help but say that this place is a gem in the middle of LA. It is really a one of a kind studio where for an amazing never before seen price, you get a great, well-lit studio with all the lights included in the price (brand new alien-bees and modifiers) and an awesome rooftop with a breathtaking view of LA.

The studio has enough space for everything and everyone, there's a make-up/hair station with huge mirror and lights, nice sofas to sit down and talk, a variety of backdrops which are in a very good condition and, of course, a huge window that fills the studio with lots of light, theres even a piano! .. Yes, there's no AC, but it's not like it's a sauna there either, plus there are huge fans (3-4) that are super powerful and just putting one on yourself and one on the model is more than enough!

The staff/the guys are always there for you, and easily answer any questions that I've had. They also responded very quickly to all of my messages and emails. Every time I've brought someone to FD Studio, everyone complimented the studio and the rooftop, I recommend it to all of my friends.

I am not sure why someone would review this place with one star, it just seems so unfair towards those people who work so hard to create such a creative space with such friendly rates for everyone to be able to come and shoot and do what they love without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money.

Not only I feel at home there by now, but I will keep coming to the FD Studio and cannot wait to capture more of my ideas and beautiful moments there!!


Having shot before at a "bigger, more well known studio (Snow Studio)", I had numerous problems with the lights which were literally falling apart, and then found out that my client had paid $450.- to rent the studio which was nothing special plus those crappy lights, my jaw just dropped. So yes, I still believe finding FD Studio has been the best discovery of my life!!!

Marla D.
Long Beach, CA

Update, I posted some snap shots of studio C. Seriously quick snap shots but you get the idea!
I would love to keep the studio as a great little secret, but Karma would kick me in the behind!
Seriously, this place is awesome, affordable and centrally located. Not to mention there are so many places right around this area if you for get something and downstairs there is a new petite cafe. They also have resources and availability to assistants. They even offer helpful lighting diagrams for the newbies who need little extra.
Call them up and take a tour its a great place to shoot including video.


Love the atmosphere. Great natural lighting...plus the rates are very reasonable. A+++ all around. I will be shooting there again.

Our first experience with FD Studio was pretty amazing. From the helpful, really nice staff to the space itself, for the price is the one of the best studios rentals options in DTLA.

We will definitely be shooting here again.

Great studio spaces and value! I chose FD Photo Studios for my shoots on my recent trip to LA from Sydney Australia.
Pro Studio I and Stage C (love that grass wall) were perfect for my requirements.
My studio away from home when I come to LA

Hunter J.
El Segundo, CA

Shot at FD Photo Studio last week and it was a pleasure shooting there. They have a full bathroom with shower for models, alien bees, soft boxes, seamless (black and white maybe more), huge 4 x 8 white cards, and more. The man at the front was very helpful and nice.

Thanks FD Studio, will shoot here again!


Anytime I"m visiting LA, FD is always my go to. Great studio space, easy to access and friendly staff.

Amazing space, very helpful staff. I will always continue to bring business to this studio.

Gia Unera

Love this awesome studio Art 3!
Will be back for more photoshoot for my next season designs for Summer 2017.
Thanks FD Studio!

Steven Pressler

First time using the studio and I must say the experience was terrific. Alex was great to work with and could not be any nicer. The studio is equipped with professional lights and the natural ambient light coming in from the front windows is quite pleasant to work with. Looks like I found a long term studio to work in!

Christopher Barber

Toma at FD Photo Studio worked as our photo assitant during our shoot -- she is very knowledgeable and helpful! All facilities are as advertised, we had an excellent shoot at FD Photo Studio!

EYEAMshooter Photography

My first time here and had a ball. Great experience. Beautiful view! Perfect natural lighting and had use of equipment. Great place to shoot. My new place to be. 🙂

Mrs G.
Los Angeles, CA

This is a straight-forward studio, and works great as that. The space is very customizable. I have shot in Studio B, and am renting Studio C in a double weeks.

Studio B had a plug in AC that kept going out due to the power strip being overwhelmed, but we did fine despite it being one of the hottest days this year. I truly hope Studio C has proper AC. I will update my review to reflect.

Finding it is tricky until you know where you are going.

The area is the flower mart area of Downtown LA, and offers lots of inexpensive parking. The area itself is not attractive or nice, but that in no way affects the photos you can get here, and probably is part of the reason the rates are reasonable. This area is not heavily populated at night, nor is there really a safety issue during the day- but be warned, it's not one the nicest places in Los Angeles, and you will want to park close by and in a secure lot. I would not recommend street parking, but many people do and it's usually free.

The equipment was good, which is something that truly matters. There was a small folding screen that worked great as a dressing room for me in between shots. The makeup mirror and lighting was great too, and I appreciated that they had speakers I could play my music on. We got pretty loud towards the end, and they were perfectly happy with us.

I'd recommend, but know that you are going to a studio that works perfectly fine as just that- you'll be left alone, and can get great shots in this versatile space. You'll get shots that could be taken at a studio that charges 100$/hr.


Gorgeous space, and another WINNER WINNER headshot session! I really love bringing clients to your space


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