FD Photo Studio - affordable professional photo studio and filming location for rent in Downtown Los Angeles
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    Rent our photo studio starting at just $24.99/hour, including Lighting & Grip Equipment, wireless sync system and a lot more

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    Events & Workshops

    Series of Free and Very Affordable photography workshops to improve your skills and take you to the next level

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    Photography Services

    Fashion and beauty, catalogs and magazine covers, editorials and headshots - we have years of experience in all types of photography

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    High-End Photo Retouch

    We provide High End Industry Standard Photo Retouch services, using latest and top of the line retouching techniques

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    PHOTOGRAPHY MIXER! Free, Effective, Fun Social Networking Event

    PHOTOGRAPHY MIXER! Free, Effective, Fun Social Networking Event

    On June 21st, yet again we will be hosting our Rooftop Mixer at the art location, the event dedicated for photographers, models, MUAs, stylists and other industry professionals to expand their network over a few drinks and good music. This event has already left a prominent mark on Los Angeles ph...

  • Shot At FD Photo Studio

    Katharine Stroble + Wanthy D

    Katharine Stroble + Wanthy D

    Photographer Wanthy D would make a lot of beauty photographers jealous. His work is that good. Working with both strobe and natural light, Wanthy's models look flawless in any setting. Although it seems like there is a lot of skill and time involved in the post production proces...

  • Photography Blog

    Get Cropping! With David Bergman and ADORAMA TV

    Get Cropping! With David Bergman and ADORAMA TV

    How often do you crop your images? Do you leave the final image as is once it's recorded on the camera or do you cut unwanted portions of the photograph in the post-production? According to professional photographer and a star of ...


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