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Hill 1

Hill 1

Brilliant daylight photo studio for rent featuring a wooden queen bed draped with a fine white baldachin.

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This shining daylight photo studio for rent sports white floors high gloss floors, big windows, an exquisite wooden queen bed draped with a fine-mesh white baldachin, double-sided textured silver and gold rolling flat and a white lattice cream white rose wall corner. Everything about this rental photo studio screams "bright," and we're sure that the natural light streaming from the room's huge windows will perfectly illuminate your next photo project.
Like all FD Photo Studio offerings, Hill 1 comes with a host of included extras, including makeup mirror, access to a mini-fridge, complimentary Wi-Fi, paper backdrops, and more.
FD Photo Studio wants to be your partner on your next creative endeavor.
We don't require you to jump through unnecessary hoops, so there are no extra insurance or permit fees to deal with. Hill 1's rental rates are affordable either by the hour or 4-,8-, or 12-hour packages.
Don't pay for extra space that you don't need, and rest assured that your rental will be 100 percent private.
Explore the bright options available with Hill 1 and take advantage of its white gloss floor, queen bed, fine baldachin today, double-sided textured gold and solver rolling flat, and a lattice cream white rose corner.

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  • Included With Each Rent

  • 100% Private Stage
    No Deposit Required
    No Insurance / Permits
  • 3x Flash Units (Strobes)
    Wireless Triggers
    Paper Backdrops
  • 2x Make-up Station
    Sound System (AUX)
    Free Wi-Fi
  • AC / Fan (14k BTU)
    Mini Fridge (3.2 cu.ft.)
    Black Leather Sofa

Rental Rates

  • Monday - Friday

  • Saturday - Sunday

  • 12 Hour Pack Can be split
    30% DiscountTotal: $419
  • 8 Hour Pack
    20% DiscountTotal: $319
  • 4 Hour Pack
    10% DiscountTotal: $179
  • Rent By Hour 2 hour minimum
  • 12 Hour Pack Can be split
    27% DiscountTotal: $479
  • 8 Hour Pack
    18% DiscountTotal: $359
  • 4 Hour Pack
    9% DiscountTotal: $199
  • Rent By Hour 2 hour minimum
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Three default colors (White, Grey and Black) and the first color backdrop's installations are FREE! Additional color backdrops are just $10/installation. All backdrops are $4.99 per damaged foot.
Not including processing fee
Such as you can use 2 hours today, 1 hour tomorrow and save the rest for your next project. Hours never expire

Rent Studio

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  • Lights
  • Modifiers
  • C-Stands
  • V-Flats
  • Wi-Fi
  • MUA Station
Los AngelesHill 1
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