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Natural Light Fashion Photography Workshop w/ MOISNOMOIS

Saturday, February 6th at 1pm

In this workshop, Alex AKA @moisnomois or Sasha, will introduce his style of shooting and retouching – from the very conception and pre-planning of a shoot, to the actual shooting and techniques he utilizes, and finally the process he goes through when culling and editing his final images. We will begin with a discussion about models, locations, equipment, and other necessary preparations. Then we will watch Alex shoot with a model and hear an explanation of his methods. After this, our workshops attendees will have a chance to do some shooting of their own with them model. We will take a short break for some light refreshments, upload files to our computers, and get a chance to network with fellow photographers. Finally, from start to finish, Alex will explain his process of choosing images and take you through the process he uses to edit the photographs (as you follow and edit along with him).

You will learn:

I. Covered before the shooting begins: 

  • Pre-production: Mood boards, locations, time of day, casting, etc.
  • Equipment choice: What equipment to use and the advantages of different lens or camera choices.
  • Styling: Choosing wardrobe, and why a great mood board and communication is key.
  • Advantages of natural light over using strobes, and vice-versa.
  • Q&A.

III. Topics for discussion during retouch:
  • Reviewing the photos.
  • Choosing the images to be retouched and why / what to pay attention to when selecting.
  • Alex’s technique for color correcting, toning an image, and retouching skin.
  • Cropping / straightening.
  • Eyes, lips, teeth – what to pay attention to.
  • Using the Liquify Tool.
  • Sharpening an image and adding noise/texture.
  • Workshop review, feedback, and Q&A.

II. During the shoot: 

  • Camera settings.
  • Working with highlights and shadows.
  • Explanation of ideal exposure.
  • Posing and working with models.
  • Using reflectors and modifying natural light.
  • Attendees will be give time to shoot their own images using these techniques.
  • Q&A.

  • We will be serving light snacks and beverages. This will also give us time to upload our images, chat, and get prepared for the editing portion.

What you should bring:

  • Notebook / iPad (Something to take notes).
  • DSLR Camera / or other camera with manual function + charged batteries.
  • Your favorite lenses, plus adequate memory card(s).
  • Laptop w/ working version of Photoshop and your favorite retouching hardware (mouse, pen tablet) if you will retouch during the class.
  • *An alert and attentive frame of mind, and some comfortable attire.
Contact Mason@FDPhotoStudio.com with any questions.
Participation will be capped at 15 attendees.
Total cost for the workshop will be: $300

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FD Photo Studio, Stage D




Saturday, February 6th. 1pm-7pm






FD Photo Studio Stage D north facing windows

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