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Exploring Catchlights with David Bergman

11:11 09 March in Blog, Photography Blog by Ron

Catchlights can never be undervalued when it comes to portraits. Often perceived as "breathing light or soul" into the subject, catchlights also are a handy decipher instrument that you can use to figure out what pre-light setup was used. David Bergman with AdoramaTV explores catchlights in...


How to shoot strip light portraits, AdoramaTV

11:11 26 February in Blog, Photography Blog by Ron

Photographer Joe McNally famous for his National Geographic work was invited to the studio by another prolific camera master Daniel Norton from Adorama TV  to shoot series of portraits using gridded strip boxes. Playing with two light setup, Joe uses the strip on camera's right as the...


5 Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

11:11 11 February in Blog, Photography Blog by Ron

It is that time of the year! Hearts and flowers are piercing their way out from stores' shelves leaving you no chance but to remind about upcoming, the most amorous day of the year - the Valentine's Day. As it approaches, many couples are interested...


How to make wet portraits with Gavin Hoey

11:11 07 January in Blog, Photography Blog by Ron

Looking for experiments in your portrait series? Tired to shoot from the same angle? We might have an idea that would make your work look more splashy! Using water in portraits is both exciting and tricky to execute. Firstly, you would need to take all precautions...

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