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5 Fashion Photographers that Rule the World

11:11 26 February in Blog, Photography Blog by Wrong Ron

Ever wondered who is behind each cover of a fashion magazine, Vogue sensations, each advertising campaign of the fashion brand, or simply almost every contemporary masterpiece picture? To produce the Icon is a job of a lot of hours or months of a preparation and the hard work of a sizable teams...

7 Photoshoot Ideas For Valentine's Day

7 Photoshoot Ideas For Valentine’s Day

17:11 13 February in Blog, Photography Blog by Wrong Ron

Hooray! The St. Valentine’s Day is coming! Being one of the most popular holidays of the year brings a lot of expectations  for lovers and couples and promises to be  unforgettable and full of creative surprises. However, with our busy daily routine it often happens that there is...

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

11:11 14 October in Blog, Photography Blog by Wrong Ron

Feeling creatively exhausted and running out of ideas for the photoshoot? Writer's block can strike you like a lightning at that sheer moment when you are the middle of a very important project, and feeling stuck with the old approach might seem to be no excuse and very frustrating....

Using A Soft Box

Using A Soft Box

11:11 11 August in Blog, Photography Blog by Wrong Ron

Soft Box is undoubtedly one of the essential lighting modifiers in most every professional photographer's toolkit. But why is it so vital? The answer lies in its adaptability for any style of shooting. Soft Box emits soft, even light appealing for fashion, product, portraiture, video, you...

Beauty Dish Basics

Beauty Dish Basics

13:40 23 August in Blog, Photography Blog by Mason

Wonder how to expand your studio lighting repertoire? For those of you who unfamiliar with the beauty dish, this serves as a very basic explanation of this staple light modifier. The beauty dish is a wonderful tool for headshots and beauty photography, giving your subject that distinct...

Lighting: How To - Corporate Portrait

Lighting How To: Corporate Portrait

17:53 11 May in Blog, Photography Blog by Mason

Here is a fantastic, business natured portrait. We're going to give a brief breakdown to explain the lighting, and hopefully provide you with some inspiration for your next studio project. This portrait consists of three lights: 1. The key light is a beauty dish to the camera's...

5 LA Photographers Worth Looking At -Photographers, Photo Studio, natural light, Los Angeles, List, FD photo studio, fashion, DTLA, Dance, Ballet

5 LA Photographers Worth Looking At

08:00 08 April in Blog, Photography Blog by Mason

The first installment of this list includes 5 photographers in the Los Angeles area that we've had the pleasure of hosting at FD Photo Studio, in NO particular order. Check out the work of these amazing artists to gain some inspiration, and see what's being done at the studio.       1. Jabari...

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