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Tips for Great Model Photo Shoot Theme Ideas

bohemian look - Tips for Great Model Photo Shoot Theme Ideas

Tips for Great Model Photo Shoot Theme Ideas

19:12 16 May in Photography Blog

If you’re thinking about renting a photo studio soon for a photo shoot, you are probably racking your brain for good model photo shoot theme ideas. Coming up with a fresh and exciting idea will help you put the spotlight on the models and their clothing and accessories as well as your photography skills, so you should definitely start looking for ideas. These tips can help you come up with the perfect theme for your upcoming shoot.


A great idea for spring or summer but fine for anytime as well, the nautical theme can be lots of fun for a fashion photo shoot. The models can dress in navy blue and white and can wear clothing with nautical-themed accents, and you can decorate the area behind and around the models with anchors, rope and other props that remind you of the sea.


There are so many directions that you can go in if you want to implement the movies into your fashion photo shoot. For example, you can go for an old Hollywood look, with an emphasis on traditional clothing and props in shades of deep red, gold and black. If you would like to try something different, you can even get ideas from your favorite TV shows or movies and use them as themes for the shoot. This will work especially well with much-loved, old classic movies or newly popular television shows.


A lot of people love the calm, laid-back and breezy bohemian look, and it’s easy to implement into your fashion photo shoot. The models can be dressed in loose-fitting and comfortable yet cute skirts, pants, button-down shirts and other fun and casual pieces, and women can wear their hair in messy waves or braids. Nature-themed props often work well with the bohemian style, and you can implement props like old wooden swings and more for a fun look for your photographs.

 Playing Games

Some photographers have pulled off unique yet beautiful photography sessions with their models by focusing on a game-related theme. For example, you can use enormous chess pieces or other game pieces as props, and you can even use enormous replicas of game boards as backdrops. Clothing for the models can come in similar colors as the game pieces.


Using the seasons to help you choose the perfect theme for your fashion photo shoot is a great way to create a relevant scene and to take pictures that are sure to be festive. In the springtime, you can bring in pretty spring flowers, and the models can wear pastel colors and even put flowers in their hair. During the fall, it’s a good idea to bring in colors like brown, dark red and orange, and you can use leaves, pumpkins, gourds and more as props. In the winter, gorgeous, snowy backgrounds and seasonal décor can function beautifully as your theme, and you can surely think of ideas for summer that include sunglasses, beach chairs, sand, sand buckets and other seasonal props.


The holidays can give you tons of inspiration and decoration for your photo shoot. With hearts and cupids for Valentine’s Day, bats and black cats for Halloween and candy canes or Santa Claus for the winter, you can use seasonal decorations and cues as your guide for a wonderful fashion photo shoot.


People get crazy during sporting seasons, so use sports like football, soccer, baseball or another favorite sport as your guide when coming up with your theme. You can set it up so that the models are playing the sports, or you can put them on the “sidelines” in team colors for a local team. You can even look at ideas from non-traditional sports if you want to; swimming, running, cheerleading, volleyball and other sports can all make awesome themes for your shoot.

Going Wild

If you want to do something bold and daring during your shoot, you can try a wild, safari or jungle theme. Think about cheetah and zebra prints, feathers and more for a bold, unique and exciting backdrop for your photographs.


Many people swoon over adorable animals, and using them in your photo shoot can make for a cute, sweet and irresistible theme. For example, you could have a model hold an adorable kitten or walk several cute dogs while showing off his or her outfit. You can also get a bit wilder with creatures like snakes, iguanas, rabbits and more.

The Future

Many people are excited by the futuristic look, so consider implementing space suits, aliens and other props “from the future” into your photo shoot theme for a blast to the future. You can use favorite movies as inspiration, or you can come up with your own ideas about what the future will look like.


Show your love of nature with a natural-themed photo shoot. You can take this in just about any direction; would you like to focus on beautiful mountains and waterfalls, or would you prefer to have prairie-style shots? Do you love the look of the desert, or would you like to use a theme from the woods? Regardless, natural settings with laid-back, comfortable clothing can be the perfect choice for a fashion photo shoot, and you can take your shoot into many different directions while using only what nature has to provide for you.

Choosing the right theme for your photo shoot is imperative if you want your photographs to turn out as perfectly as possible, but these tips for coming up with model photo shoot theme ideas can help you come up with the perfect theme. Plus, you can always look into renting a photo studio at FD Photo Studio if you want the perfect venue for your big photo shoot. At FD Photo Studio in downtown Los Angeles, you can enjoy a conveniently-located, spacious studio with top-quality, professional equipment, and you don’t have to worry about high prices; you can rent the studio by the hour for a very reasonable rate, which can save you money and leave you time to think about which exciting theme you would like to use for your big shoot.

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