"The Media that Inspires" Scholarship

If you're studying or interested in studying photography or videography - we understand the financial struggles these fields involve and we are pleased to announce "The Media that Inspires" scholarship program where FD Photo Studio, the leader in affordable rental photo studios and events in Los Angeles, will help two students to pay for their education or equipment with $600 each.

"The Media that Inspires" is about photography and videography in our modern world that inspires people to move forward, to find new hobbies, meet new people,  achieve new goals. How a beautiful photo of a ballet dancer can inspire kids to learn ballet, how a music video can inspire somebody to learn singing or dancing or playing musical instruments and how a photo of an amazing landmark or wonders of nature can inspire people to travel, and of course how all these media can inspire people to learn the art of photography and videography.

Who Qualifies:

  • A high school senior (Class of 2019) 
  • An undergraduate student who is currently enrolled in a college
  • A person currently enrolled in a photography/videography class or workshop series with a track record of previous related classes 

  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Have permission of parents or guardian if the applicant is under 18
  • Students currently enrolled that are interested in photography or videography

How To Apply:

  • Create a photo or a 15-second video (using your phone or any available camera/equipment) on the topic " Media that Inspires"
  • Record a video application 1-2 minutes long that includes:
    • a short introduction of yourself, where you're from, what interests you in photo/video field
    • and a detailed story/explanation of you creating the photo/video above -why you created it, what moved you to come up with it, what were the challenges along the way, what was the thought process while creating it etc. 
  • Submit links to these materials to learn@fdphotostudio.com by January 31st of 2019

Use Vimeo, Youtube, GoogleDrive, Dropbox or any other file/video sharing hosting to upload your application (please don't send video files to us - they might be blocked by email filter due to their size.

Videos cannot contain any commercial music or copyrighted material.

By submitting videos you allow FD Studios Inc to share, publish, print, modify and use these materials in any way.

The winners will be chosen by a review panel, based on the creativity of the material and the message it conveys.

We will announce winners on February 15, 2019

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