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Pro I | FD Photo Studio

Pro I

Gorgeous daylight studio with frameless windows, a modern bathtub, circle window, and a fire escape.

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Pro I is a versatile daylight studio featuring big windows, a fire escape, a silver chaise, a modern bathtub, and a stunning overall urban motif. A red access wall is also included in this unique photo studio for rent. The fire escape provides a backdrop for one-of-a-kind city views, and the modern bathtub adds a touch of elegance to any shoot. The wood floors are complimented with a rolling artistic double-sided flat covered with shining sequins on one side and paper tubes on the other. There is also a large emerald textured walls corner and a moving stone-line platform for an additional set up.
Deleted: Like all FD Photo Studio rentals, Pro I comes with a wide range of included equipment. Get access to paper backdrops, complimentary Wi-Fi, makeup stations, a mini-fridge, and more. FD Photo Studio assures you of a 100 percent private rental, and there are no additional insurance or permit fees to worry about.
Deleted: You can rent a photo studio for either an hour or up to a splittable 12-hour block at an affordable rate. Be aware that this particular studio includes the empty modern bathtub for free, but a fill-up with water costs $149 to cover filling, draining, and cleaning fees. If your shoot includes filling the bathtub with a substance other than water, please call ahead to find out how we can best meet your needs.
Deleted: Get it all with Pro I, featuring a modern bathtub, fire escape, red accent wall, and all the complimentary tools you've come to expect from FD Photo Studio.
  • Included With Each Rent
  • 100% Private Stage
  • No Insurance / Permits
  • 3x Flash Units (Strobes)
  • Wireless Triggers
  • Paper Backdrops
  • 2x Make-up Station
  • Sound System (AUX)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • AC / Fan (14k BTU)
  • Mini Fridge (3.2 cu.ft.)
  • Black Leather Sofa

Rental Rates

  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday - Sunday
  • 12 Hour Pack Can be split
    30% DiscountTotal: $419
  • 8 Hour Pack
    20% DiscountTotal: $319
  • 4 Hour Pack
    10% DiscountTotal: $179
  • Rent By Hour 1 hour minimum
  • 12 Hour Pack Can be split
    27% DiscountTotal: $479
  • 8 Hour Pack
    18% DiscountTotal: $359
  • 4 Hour Pack
    9% DiscountTotal: $199
  • Rent By Hour 1 hour minimum
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Three default colors (White, Grey and Black) and the first color backdrop's installations are FREE! Additional color backdrops are just $10/installation. All backdrops are $4.99 per damaged foot.
Not including processing fee
Such as you can use 2 hours today, 1 hour tomorrow and save the rest for your next project. Hours never expire

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  • Lights
  • Modifiers
  • C-Stands
  • V-Flats
  • Wi-Fi
  • MUA Station
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