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Photo Studio with Natural light for rental in Los Angeles

We are going up the HILL!

11:11 19 March in Blog, Studio News by Ron

4 more stages. I will give it to you right away. No need for building up anticipation this time because everybody now will get a stage they need/want/will book/shoot and get happy about after. Now at Hill location we have total of 8 stages that would...

WINNERS of Winter 2018 Yelp Contest -wrongron, Wrong Ron, Studio Photography, shot at FD Photo Studio, rental stages, Photoshop, Photoshoot, photographer, Model, Los Angeles, FD photo studio, DTLA, blog, !done

WINNERS of Winter 2018 Yelp Contest

21:11 06 March in Blog, Studio News by Ron

The magic is happening once again! We are ready to announce this Winter 2018 term Yelp review winners! Wanna freebie? A top notch quality studio time in any of our stages for free. You are in luck! Every season we count in Yelp reviews left for our...

Why you should book our studios BEFORE APRIL 1! -Rental Studio, rates change, Photoshop, Photoshoot, photography services, photography event, photographer, new rates, new props, networking event, networking, Los Angeles event, Los Angeles, free photoshoot, FD photo studio, DTLA, !done

Why you should book our studios BEFORE APRIL 1!

11:11 02 March in Blog, Studio News by Ron

Cover photo credit: Photographer aestheteandderive Model @sophieduncan98 Here at FD we always strive to provide best customer service, awesome props, breathtaking stage interior and still retain the name of the most affordable studio. Alas, with growing rent rates, equipment prices and other factors we must take some steps...


Why attending the Rooftop mixer is important.

11:11 01 March in Blog, Studio News by Ron

On March 8th we will be hosting our monthly Rooftop Mixer at the art location, the event dedicated for photographers, models, MUAs, stylists and other industry professionals to expand their network over a few drinks and good music. So why is attending this event important and...

Blue Scooter in Hill 4

Hill 4 just got way more tropical!

11:11 17 January in Blog, Studio News by Ron

Previous year we had series of heavy upgrades across all Hill stages. This year is not an exception, folks. Stage  Hill 4 just received a few more toys. A tropical corner covered in green leaves. Blue scooter...

win 12 hour package for photo studio rental

WINNERS of Fall 2017 Yelp Contest

15:00 14 December in Blog, Studio News by Ron

We are glad to announce this Fall term Yelp review winners! We are so thankful to yet again give away some studio time for our loyal clients! We're happy to announce the winners of our Fall 2017 Yelp Contest. The rules were simple; all of our...

Photo & video natural light loft rental in Los Angeles

New Stage! Our Secret LOFT

11:11 01 December in Blog, Studio News by Ron

We are expanding. We are diversifying. We are doing our best to provide you incredible stages with memorable views on one of a kind setups. This month we have added a true pearl to our collection - the secret loft! This secret high-end apartment in Downtown...

Photo & video natural light studio rental in Los Angeles

BathTub in Pro Stage I Let’s get wet!

11:11 18 November in Blog, Studio News by Ron

Our clients fall in love with the bath tub featured in stage Art 3 on a constant basis. What is there not to like? A beautiful elegant, venetian style with golden legs white tub is a very photogenic prop you'd love to dive into. The...

Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment

Such as you can use 2 hours today, 1 hour tomorrow and save the rest for your next project. Hours never expire
Three default colors (White, Grey and Black) and the first color backdrop's installations are FREE! Additional color backdrops are just $10/installation. All backdrops are $4.99 per damaged foot.