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16:25 07 August in Blog, Studio News by Mason

FD Photo Studio is looking for part-time studio staff members. Applicants must: 1. Possess excellent customer service skills. This includes great correspondence skills in person, over the phone, or through email/chat. 2. Have some sort of background/experience in studio photography. 3. Familiarity with photography terms and equipment (we use...

New Studio: Stage F

New Studio! Stage F

11:18 05 August in Blog, Studio News by Mason

We are proud to announce a new space at FD Photo Studio: Stage F! This studio features laminate flooring; the west end of the room sporting a high-key white, and the east end a nice light toned hardwood. The industrial white-framed windows line the north...

WIN a 12 Hour Package at FD!

Spring Contest Winners!

18:55 01 June in Blog, Studio News by Mason

FD Photo Studio has been hosting a contest for Spring 2015. The rules were simple, all studio users (photographers, videograpers, hair, makeup, etc.) were encouraged to write a Yelp review, and that made participants eligible to be randomly selected to win a 12, 8, and 4-hour...

Mannequins Available at FD

Mannequins Available at FD

10:38 29 April in Blog, Studio News by Mason

Need to cleanly display your garments on an appropriate form, or are you simply looking for props to add flare to your shoot? FD Photo Studio is now offering mannequin rentals for just $10 per form for your entire session. We have 3 styles available: The full body,...

Punching Bag Available at FD

Punching Bag Available at FD

08:00 09 April in Blog, Studio News by Mason

We are now offering punching bag rental at FD Photo Studio! Have a fitness project your'e working on, or are you working with athletes? Featured in Stages A and D, you can request the bag along with boxing gloves. Simply ask for the equipment while making your...

WIN a 12 Hour Package at FD!

WIN a 12 Hour Package at FD Photo Studio!

17:57 08 April in Blog, Studio News by Mason

Attention all FD Photo Studio photographers, videographers, make-up artists, assistants, talent, hair stylists, etc.! FD Photo Studio is giving away 3 great prizes: a 4-hour studio package, an 8-hour studio package, and a 12-hour studio package! How do you enter? Follow these 3 simple steps after your visit: 1....

Rent Photo Studio Stage B

Stage B – FD’s Blackout Studio

18:29 17 March in Blog, Studio News by Mason

Stage B has been completely blacked out! Some of our shooters were having issues with ambient light, so there was a need for a completely blacked out studio. We've painted the walls and ceilings all black, and the one bank of windows is easily blocked...

Volga Verdi Pop-up at FD

Volga Verdi Pop-up Shop at FD

21:24 11 March in Blog, Studio News by Mason

FD Photo Studio is currently hosting their first pop-up shop, featuring the ultra-neon sleek designs of Volga Verdi! The USA made cotton tees boasting some awesome designs and bright colors can be see in the studio adorning the walls. What is Volga Verdi all about? Previously...

New Reviews + Testimonial page

New Reviews + Testimonial page!

12:38 30 December in Studio News by admin

Hi, everybody! Hope you guys all enjoyed the holidays!   We are gradly announcing that we now have a customer review + testimonial page on our website! Click here and Check it out! Those reviews are aggregated from Yelp, Facebook and other sources. If you've used our studio, please leave your opinions...

FD Photo Studio Pro Stage I with north facing windows. *Cyclorama is under construction.

New Photos of Pro Stages with finished Cyc Walls

09:53 11 November in Studio News by admin

We've recently finished working on two large Cyclorama walls in our Pro Stages (Pro Stage I and Pro Stage II). Here are some new images of this two spacious stages with unique frame-less windows. The stages available for still photography, video filming, events and we'd love to...

Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment

Such as you can use 2 hours today, 1 hour tomorrow and save the rest for your next project. Hours never expire
Three default colors (White, Grey and Black) and the first color backdrop's installations are FREE! Additional color backdrops are just $10/installation. All backdrops are $4.99 per damaged foot.