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The easiest way to turn an image, a state of mind, or a powerful emotion into an everlasting memory is though studio photography. But even the most gifted photographers need more than pure talent, passion, and creativity to deliver outstanding results. A fully-equipped studio where you can play with different types of light is an essential element, influencing the quality of your work in a considerable manner.

Real professionals who strive to attain perfection settle for no less than premium equipment and an ideal lighting balance, allowing them to obtain the desirable results virtually effortlessly. This is the magical charm of studio photography: it enables artists to reveal their unique skills and embrace their vision without having to worry about technical problems and concerns that usually compromise the intensity of a photo shoot and generate flat, mediocre results.

Please spread the news so that other artists can also benefit from a fully-equipped photo studio at a very low price. I am confident that you will make the most of an amazing experience offering you exceptional results – the perfect reward for all your efforts. Enjoy your photo shoot and come back soon!

Guided by my passion for photography and my imperative need to find a decent, truly affordable studio in Los Angeles, I’ve decided to open my own. I’ve always understood the fact that inspirational and truly meaningful artworks require a little more than a beautiful model and a brilliant idea, so I’ve chosen to welcome professional photographers inside my sanctuary and help them pursue their own artistic dreams. Now you have the opportunity to rent FD Photo Studio and create truly inspirational works of art in the most appropriate location.

Enjoy your creative and productive photo shoot and come back soon!

We specialize in producing of quality photography content such as fashion and beauty, collection shooting for clothing designers, actor’s headshots, model tests, retail advertising and online commerce - from one-day shoots to long term relationships.

Our clients include ad agencies, fashion retailers, fashion houses and cosmetic companies. Working with many models, hair-stylists and make-up artists, FD team can help you organize your shoot – from concept developing, model casting and scouting locations to post-production and printing.

We work with clients locally but our love of photography and travel allows us to go anywhere to meet your creative needs.

Quality of our works and personal attention to our clients is what sets FD studio apart.

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