We open with the first reservation, and close with the last one. We take bookings as early as from 8a and as late as till 11p. For the last minute reservations (less than 24 hour notice) extra fees might apply, please contact us for more information. We can open earlier than 8a or stay later than 11p for additional fee, please email us at info@fdphotostudio.com or call any location with your request.

There are parking lots around all Los Angeles locations for $15-20/day. Some parking garages close their gates for the night at around 6p. Please pay attention to where you park. Meters are $1-6/hr depending on the timing, and most are free after 6p. Please follow the links to check parking options for MAIN, ART, PRO and HILL Locations.

Unlike other studios offering only half-day and full-day rates, at FD Photo Studio we understand that not every project calls for that much time, so we offer bookings as short as one hour. The minimum time for booking is only one hour, and every half hour is billed as a full hour.

Yes, all of our stages are private! Every studio has a door (that locks if needed), and we avoid disturbing our shooters during their sessions to give you and your team all of the creative focus that you need. The Rooftop is a shared facility, so we cannot guarantee total privacy there.

Definitely! There is a mini fridge in every stage for your convenience! Food and snacks are allowed as long as the studio is returned in the original condition.

Please find the list of our favorite caters around (Los Angeles).

Delicious Together, M-F 7a-6.30p, Sat&Sun 8a-6p. Famous for coffee, boba drinks, tea, pastries. Deliver on orders over $10.

9th street Pizza,  7 days a week, 11a-9.45p. Just pizza. Deliver on orders over $10.

Med Grill, M-Sat 10.30a-5.30p.  Famous for kebabs. Deliver on orders over $10.

Poppy & Rose, M-Sat 6a-3p, Sunday 8a-3p. Hip! Delivers on orders over $25 with a $2.99 delivery fee. It is located within one block form the MAIN location if you want to pick up.

Mendocino Farms, M-F 11a-9p, Sat&Sun 11a-7p, phone lines are open at 8a. Delivers from Fig & 7th location.

Urth Cafe, delivery hours 7a-8:30p. 


With our easy 24/7 online booking system, you can simply check for availability and book your studio online – with no deposit or card information required. Each studio page has an up-to-date calendar of availability. Simply fill out your request in the blue form to the right on the page. Be sure to include your first and last name, your email, and your phone number. Once you make your reservation, we will contact you to confirm.

Once you have made a reservation through our online system, an FD Photo Studio representative will contact you by phone to confirm.

If you are making a reservation for the same day, please call us right after you make a reservation online.

We do have some studio stools and folding chairs at no extra cost. They are shared between the stages. Please ask the front desk for a stool and kindly bring it back when you are done so others can use it. You can request a stool when you make your reservation.

Your reservation time includes set up, your shoot session, and break down. Please factor all of this into your reservation time. The studio simply might be occupied right before your reservation, or it may be reserved right after you or might be closed.

Props & Cyclorama

It’s a large curved white wall designed to create an infinity effect. Although we do have paper backdrops in all of our studios, some of our spaces (stage C and both PRO Stages) have a cyclorama as a backdrop option.

There is a $49 fee to repaint the smaller cycloramas and $200 for the larger one. Please request with us in advance. Otherwise, it comes as is.

We do have some studio stools and folding chairs at no extra cost. They are shared between the stages. Please ask the front desk for a stool and kindly bring it back when you are done so others can use it. You can request a stool when you make your reservation.

We have a silver female and a skin toned tan male mannequin that rent for only $10/hr. We have a punching bag with boxing gloves, a swing and a little hammock available to hang up in stages A or D for $35 for up to a 4-hour shoot. We also have another swing available to hook in Art 3 for the same rate.

Pets, Studio Services, Video Production, Events

Yes, you can definitely bring your pet! All you need to do is to sign our pet waiver in advance. Please inquire and we will send you the form.

Of course we do! Our crew consists of some very versatile and talented people. Please inquire about our assistants & photographers’ rates and availability at info@fdphotostudio.com.

Of course we do! Our crew consists of some very versatile and talented people. Please inquire about our assistants & photographers’ rates and availability at info@fdphotostudio.com.

Yes, you can! Please email with as much information as possible about your event: including a description of the event, tentative date, time, approximate amount of people, whether there will be food and/or refreshments, alcohol, etc. to info@fdphotostudio.com and we will reply to you promptly.

Rates & packages

Yes, our rates start from $24.99/hr. We have many different stages with different features as well as a rooftop or exclusive Lofts, in addition we offer hourly rates for short sessions and 4-hour, 8-hour, and 12-hour packages, which help save $ and bring rates down.

Rates for different stages vary and are listed on each stages’ dedicated web page, also there is a tab indicating weekday or weekend rates. Also they are available to view here.

It means that you can purchase one of our 12-hour packages and use the hours gradually however you’d like, within several reservations. For example, you can use 2 hours one day, 3 hours the next, and you’ll still have 7 hours left for the next time(s) you book. You don’t have to make all reservations at once. We just ask that you book in full-hour increments. The package hours never expire.


Yes, every stage comes with 3 x AlienBees 800s, which are already set up on c-stands with power cords and light modifiers attached! These are intended for still photography use. If you need continuous lighting for video, you are more than welcome to bring your own lighting or grip gear. Please contact us for the amperage information for your reserved stage.

Every studio rental comes with 3x lights (AlienBees 800s) on 3 c-stands with power cords and light modifiers. The lights are already SLAVED and one of them has a receiver! Once you check in with us, we will provide you with a wireless trigger to synchronize the lights. There are three light modifiers of your choice, or of what is available. Some grip equipment, like sandbags, apple boxes, fans, a-clamps, mini-booms are included with your rental, shared between all stages, and available upon request.

We have beauty dishes, medium strip soft boxes, medium softboxes, medium octabanks, 7’’ reflectors, parabolic umbrellas, shoot-through umbrellas. They all come at no extracost. If you need any particular light modifier, please request it while making/confirming your reservation.

Of course we are doing our best to help you troubleshoot during your sessions! Although, there is no guarantee that our staff member will have time to explain to you how everything works. We offer private workshops that you can schedule with our team member to teach you how to use studio lights. Please inquire about those at info@fdphotostudio.com and we will reply to you promptly.

Yes, you can! Please keep in mind the amperage might be limited for hot or video lights, and in some very limited cases for continuous lights or large strobe setups in the stage that you are shooting. For details please email us at info@fdphotostudio.com, or call any location.

We have a 28″ Mola Setti Soft Lite beauty dish that comes with Stage C at no extra cost.

We also have a ring light that we can rent for $10/hr. Please request it in advance.

Yes, we do have grip equipment available. It is shared between all stages. Please request it while making/confirming your reservation or simply request it upon arrival or when needed only.

Yes, we do! By default, each stage has 9′ White, Thunder Grey and Black seamless paper backdrops already set up. We deliver and install them for you for no extra charge.   Every other color costs $10 to use and comes with an installation by one of our workers. Please request in advance for better service! Every foot of damage of any backdrop is only $4.99 (from the edge till where we have to cut off). Paper backdrop rolls are also available for purchase at $59+tax/roll.


Rooftop rates and information is available on it's dedicated page

We can provide you with a 5-in-1 reflector; up to 2 battery powered AlienBees with available light modifiers. We also can provide a power cord extenshion going from our floor to supply for electricity needs you might have.

Yes, we have steamers available to you at no extra cost! They are shared between the stages. Please ask the front desk for a steamer and kindly return it once you are done so that others can use it.

Yes, every studio has at least one clothing rack. We provide two for Pro Stage I and Pro Stage II.

Yes, we do have a fog machine! Please request it when you make a reservation. It is $10/hr with an hour minimum charge.

Yes, we do! All of our stages have a makeup station built in, with two stools and vanity mirror.

Yes, every stage has a sound system with bluetooth and auxiliary cord options.

Yes, all of the locations have free WiFi! Log in information and the password are usually displayed in your stage and at the reception desk; or just simply ask our team member.

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