PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

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Feeling creatively exhausted and running out of ideas for the photoshoot? Writer’s block can strike you like a lightning at that sheer moment when you are the middle of a very important project, and feeling stuck with the old approach might seem to be no excuse and very frustrating. No worries! Even the greatest masterminds have their down days and seek for a fresh grasp of air. We hear you and would like to bring some new perspective into your artistic vision! A shadow play piercing through the waving hair, bizarre background establishing the contrast, or flashy prop that locks all your attention, the inspiration can be found anywhere, what is hidden can be heeded.  Here are some ideas we compiled for your next artistic session:


A wall full of provocative graffiti tags or lustrous compact disks nailed chaotically, or newspaper cutouts from the vintage press; placing the model against such weird background will definitely bring the attention to your photo and make it stand out. Not only it sets the emotional mood of the composition but also can imply the meaning to the picture, e.g. a call for rebellion or resurrection of the old folkways. The picture below has a background full of roses like a meadow in the fairytale. It bring majestic, romantic notions to the composition complementing model’s gracious grand jeté.

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

Photo Credit @artsyagnes, @briennemichelle, @elegancebyalex, @beautyfulldsign, @mkmichellerene, @yukitard

Stage: ART 3


Either it is an antique mirror, or a fancy  golden chair or some other exotic piece, adding furnishing details will create the mood within the picture. You might set up a contrast or a harmony of the model with the props creating either the deliberate confusion for the viewer or amity in association. The photo below is indeed the example of the latter.

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

Photo Credit @balletzaida, @nicolevoris

Stage: ART 3


Use white or any other monochromatic backdrop to cover the floor and eliminate undesired features within composition. Any furniture  that can blend in with the primary color leaving just its silhouette and minor details will enhance a perception of minimalistic ideality and aid to concentrate on models’ wardrobe, hair, makeup and character overall. The photo below is the perfect example of such instance.

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

Photo Credit @kellikickham,, @nathanielriley, @viannemakeup, @sanna1517, @pawans18

Stage: ART 3


Having an immense amount of natural light in your picture would cover the details yet give your photo  light, heavenly aura that can play into your hand to create unique image. Make sure you get direct sunlight and aim for the “golden hour” to get the best results. Experiment with exposure to get that warm feeling. In the example below we see the model playing along with the gauzy overall look by striking a gracious pose averse to gravitation.  Her gestures complement the photo making it sufficient and outstanding.

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

Photo Credit @balletzaida, @lauren_bryn

Stage: ART 4


Shooting under a cloudless sky in Los Angeles is always a good idea.  It gets even better if you have a rooftop access! Not being confined by four walls, you will have no obstacles for the light from any of adjacent buildings that could throw a shadow. At the same time there is a huge open area available for your scene setup that, if used right, can create the depth within the photo, as well as hint a tenor of the model’s freedom and success. If you are on top of the high-rise, you are on top of the World!

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

Photo Credit @touchekvlt, @sonnymatson



Brick walls mixed with sleek glass doors, rusty fire escapes, steam coming out of the streets’ sewers, we all know the scenery of the big city life and cherish its charm. This city never sleeps, constantly moves and always ready to be captured by a camera. Its unstoppable motion will translate onto your photo with high energy and vibration, establishing the brisk pace of a composition. The example below has a model in red – a color of action, ambition and confidence, that surely is amplified by the energy of metropolis. If you are looking to bring action into your photo, go downtown.


Photo Credit @reallysortofamazing, @em_skril

Stage: PRO I


Ever wondered how a photographer achieved the sense of a boundless space without any corners seen and without help of Photoshop? From the high end fashion magazine covers to a top notch e-commerce shots, a cyclorama wall, responsible for this infinity effect, has its wide application and demand. Its simple design consists a white (sometimes green) wall with low reflectance that bends seamlessly at the bottom thus tricking the eye of its true depth. If you are into experiments with perspective and dimensions, using a Cyc wall might be a good asset in your arsenal. A great example of its application, the image below shows a model turned towards the Cyc  and being perceived as she is starring into nothingness.

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

Photo Credit @weblensdesigns, @alinabolshakova

Stage: C


Your props are your models. They are living creatures full of potential that, if executed, might become the theme of your composition. Take a piece of rugged chain and swing it like a jumping rope. Or have a collection of frying pans setup as if it were drums and blast on it with your drumsticks . Or have a red umbrella sweep you off your feet and elevate you. The more weird and unpredictable the application of your props is the more attention it pulls onto. Don’t you feel it in the photo below?

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

Photo Credit @balletzaida, @ballerita@balletsy_official

Stage: ART 4


With the right gel color placed on the strobe light even an ordinary scene setup will transfigure. However, if you go an extra mile and have your model strike an unusual, maybe even creepy pose, then you might create a parallel dimension with all kinds of exotic beasts inhabiting your photo. Of course, the color correction can be applied in the post, yet using gels can firstly save your time and secondly give you more room for experimentation. In any case, having your photo immersed in a moody hue is unconventional and surely more noticeable.

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

Photo Credit @evitacastine, @hi_o_sun, @charleseantoinette, @francieluxemakeup, @tinarolfhairstudio

Stage: ART 2


Although having the window frames on your photo background is not an innovation, there is still a lot to experiment with. Natural light you would work with has a wide spectrum of intensity and direction, which creates a range of possible results. Plus, the window frame itself serves as a divider between an up stage and a down stage, providing an opportunity to create the depth, contrast or focus on a particular object/model in the composition. The example below has our eyes on a model right away but still leaves a room for attention to examine a scenery behind the glass. The light is soft and soothing, which appeals even more to the audience.

PhotoShoot Ideas For Models

Photo Credit @stresone, @thedemielise

Stage: ART 1

These are just few examples for your consideration to experiment with next time you book the studio. Please note that all of the examples above were shot at FD Photo Studio using the props and locations available for your session. All the furniture, the rose wall, a ladder, a bathtub and CYC walls are already installed within the stages. Have a look at our beautiful locations on our WEBSITE and book with us now! We do not require any deposits and are always eager to accommodate your specific artistic needs. Get in touch with us, get inspired, create!

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