‘Forever The Free’ Music Video Shoot

Forever The Free

‘Forever The Free’ Music Video Shoot

08:00 03 September in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Forever The Free, a fresh new band with talent hailing from Latin America, was in the studio creating this beautiful music video. The team was able to split the day and use two of our spaces, Stage D for ambient light and then Stage B for it’s dark blackout atmosphere. Here is more about the project and the team’s experience at FD Photo Studio:

'Forever The Free' Music Video Shoot   'Forever The Free' Music Video Shoot


Forever The Free is a new band in the US, created by Latin American stars Reinaldo Zavarce, T, and R

The vocalist of Forever the Free, Reinaldo Zavarce is a very well known Venezuelan actor and musician from Caracas, Venezuela. Reinaldo has been the lead in many Nickelodeon series such as (ISA TKM, ISA TK+ and 11-11) and recently starred in films here in Los Angeles, California with name actors such as James Franco, Horatio Sanz, Lia Marie Johnson, Paul Rodriguez, etc… Zavarce has won 3 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (2 for best actor & 1 for best series),  along with gold & platinum records. Reinaldo teamed up with Renzo Bravo, ex bassist of the well known band ADAMMO from Peru, now bass player and producer of Forever The Free along with Thominhas, ex drummer of the band RESTART from Brazil . Renzo Bravo has also been nominated for many awards like the Grammys and MTV Europe, and took home the MTV Latin Award for best new band. The last member of the band is Thomas Alexander, ex drummer of the massive Brazilian band RESTART. They won so many awards at the Kids Choice Awards that is hard to count. They even won best Latin band at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards USA.

They are based in Los Angeles and they will be playing here a lot but never forgetting their fans in Latin America. That’s why they are already planning a tour in Brazil.


FD Photo Studio was the perfect location to shoot the video because of how minimalist the space is. We wanted to create something simple but powerful at the same time, and this place was PERFECTION.

Also, working there was very chill. The personal is very professional, and on top of things, so we will definitely be back.

We decided to produce a cover of the hit song “Can’t feel my face” -The Weeknd because we wanted people to see that we can create powerful soul music

VIDEO CREDITS  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJpALsbrUzk

Directed by Cassius Corrigan

Cinematography by Chucky Anthony Cavestany & Paul Domingos

Produced and edited by Reinaldo Zavarce / Dream In Motion Pictures //www.dreaminmotionpictures.com

The behind-the-scenes images from the shoot were provided by Alejandro Mejia.

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Forever The Free @ForeverTheFree
Reinaldo Zavarce @Peche84
Renzo Bravo @RenzoBravo
Thomas Alexander @ThomasRestart


Forever The Free @ForeverTheFree
Reinaldo Zavarce @ItsPeche
Renzo Bravo @SoyRenzoBravo
Thomas Alexander @Thominhas

Listen to the song on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/foreverthefree

The Weeknd – “Can’t feel my face” (cover by Forever The Free)

Produced by Renzo Bravo with Forever The Free and Leonardo Leoni

Recorded and mixed by Leonardo Leoni

Special thanks to

KOBA (Music studio Recordings) @KobaRestart

Caio Pavan (Film Equipment)

DREAM IN MOTION PICTURES – 2015 – //www.dreaminmotionpictures.com

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