Photo Studio Equipment

FD Photo Studio LA Downtown

Included with Any Stage rental


1 x wireless trigger

1 x receiver

3 x alien bees B800

3 x alien bees power cords

3 x 40” or 20″ c-stands

3 x light modifiers – your choice of three or any available:

  • 7” reflectors +optional grid/small color gels;
  • 22″ beauty dish + optional 30 degree grid/diffuser;
  • medium softbox;
  • medium strip softboxes 14″x63″ + optional grid;
  • medium octabank 48″;
  • 7′ parabolic umbrella + optional diffuser;
  • snoot + optional grid,
  • 28″ Mola Setti (with Stage C rental, upon request).



  • 5 feet of damage of one of pre-installed paper seamless backdrops (9′ wide, white, thunder grey and black),
  • tape for backdrop.


Provided at NO EXTRA COST upon request (shared between all the stages, subject to availability):

  • sandbags,
  • a-clamps,
  • apple boxes,
  • extension cords,
  • power strips,
  • 2 x v-flats/stage,
  • mini boom,
  • c-stand arm,
  • additional c-stands (if available),
  • lastolite reflectors,
  • fans,
  • studio stools,
  • folding chairs,
  • 4′ and 6′ tables.


Each Studio Features

  • make up station with vanity mirror and two stools,
  • mini fridge,
  • speaker,
  • changing area (tent, curtains or screen)
  • 1 x clothing rack
  • 2 x tables (4′ or 6′),
  • sofa/couch/seating,
  • free Wi-Fi.



  • black curtains are available in Stage B, Pro II and Art 3,
  • freight elevator (please check with us in advance for hours of operation),
  • ceiling hooks for punching bag, hammock or swing in Stages A, D and Art 3.


Additional Rentals

(please request in advance for the best experience)

  • additional Alien Bee (with c-stand, power cord and available/requested light modifier) $35/booking,
  • Paul C Buff Ring Flash (with c-stand and power cord) $10/hr,
  • ProFoto/Eizo email the requested list to,
  • fog Machine (juice included) $10/hr.
  • punching bag with gloves (for Stages A or D) $35/booking,
  • small hammock (for Stages A or D) $35/booking,
  • wood swing (for Stages A, D or Art 3) $35/booking.

Additional Services

  • another color backdrop request $20/installation fee for each color, $5/every damaged foot till where we have to cut off,
  • pre-light services – please email us a reference image at least 2-3 days before your booking,
  • Professional Technical Assistant – email for rates and availability,
  • Phase One certified Digi Tech (options for 15″ MacBook pro with Capture one, tethers and 27″ NEC screen) – email for rates and availability,
  • Production Assistants – email for rates and availability,
  • Video Backstage – email for rates and availability,
  • Production Services – email the details of your project.

Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment