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Planning a Photo Shoot

Planning a Photo Shoot -tips, planning a photo shoot, helper

Planning a Photo Shoot

14:15 08 August in Blog, Photography Blog

We are so lucky and happy to work with many both beginners and professional photographers in our photo studio! It’s a pity to see something going wrong at the shoots. So we summed our experience and came up with some advice for photographers on how not to waste your time and max out the possibilities while renting a photo studio.

A lot of problems usually comes from bad planning, so here are some tips for you!

At the pre-production stage, most planning is happening. Photographer and client discuss what they are going to produce. Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand something. Make sure you negotiate all the necessary details with the client – starting from eye shades color and ending with the final rate.It’s better to discuss options, too.

Our photo studio is located in flower district. You are welcome to scout the location in advance and think of possible places where to park,  get food, coffee or props for your session.

Planning a Photo Shoot -tips, planning a photo shoot, helper

If you have your photography lighting crew, discuss the lighting for the session with them in advance. See, if you need to bring more equipment/props, if you can make two or more sets at a time, etc. Do it however it is convenient for you. The key point here is you want your crew to start setting the approved lighting as soon as they walk in the studio.

Planning a Photo Shoot -tips, planning a photo shoot, helper

It doesn’t hurt to have a helper, whom can be your friend, a fellow-student or just another professional you hire. He or she would run errands for you while you need to be on the set shooting. The duties can be various, like bringing coffee and food, going/driving to a store to get props/equipment, making sure everybody is happy on the set, collecting and keeping model releases, etc.

Look for models and MUAs and stylists, explain exactly what you want them to do. Explain that their presence and work is very essential on the set and confirm dates and times with them. Don’t forget to bring printed model releases for models to sign.

If you are planning to work with paint, water, powder colors, glitter, confetti or something messy, think how you can do it carefully. Our photo studio offers shower for your models as well, just don’t forget to bring towels and body wash for them. We encourage you to contact us in advance as well and see if we can help with something else.

Planning a Photo Shoot -tips, planning a photo shoot, helper

It is also helpful to have references images printed and to hang up on the wall/board.

Cell phones can be very distracting, so you can kindly ask everybody to not use them during the actual shoot as you will need full attention of your crew.

Again, imagine the shoot step by step, from packing to she shoot, arrival till leaving. This is your rehearsal. If you have enough time and budget you can pre-light it – choose a day with your photo crew and create the same lighting set up, check it, practice with it and solve the problems.

We are always excited to see how happy you are with your work at our photo studio!







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