MTV’s AWKWARD star Jillian Rose Reed

MTV's AWKWARD star Jillian Rose Reed

MTV’s AWKWARD star Jillian Rose Reed

11:11 03 October in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

It would be a lie to say that hosting creative sessions for celebrities and renown names is not our pride and joy. We always welcome great talents with the great hospitality and service. This time, the actress of a popular MTV show called “Awkward” Jillian Rose Reed chaperoned by the photographer Dylan Alexander visited us in the stage ART 4.

MTV's AWKWARD star Jillian Rose Reed

Photos from this session were used in a recent interview with SHARP MAGAZINE. Here is the opening statement from that gets you hooked right away:

“She may be on a show called Awkward, but actress Jillian Rose Reed is anything but. The affable 24-year-old is game for anything and doesn’t mind a laugh at her own expense.

“I’m not so far removed from my teens that I forgot what high school was like,” says Reed. “I was a theatre and choir nerd, I wasn’t the queen bee. So, even though I love what I do, at the same time I’m like ‘Get me back out of high school, please!’”

While her character Tamara is busy going through the trials and tribulations of high school (from bad hair to catfish-ing, as you do), Reed has taken to YouTube for something even more revealing. We’re Dating is what Reed calls “a relationship variety show” where she and her boyfriend listen to new music, sing covers and talk about dating, love and sex. Fans of the gorgeous actress — you might’ve also seen her on Weeds or HBO’s Hung — are encouraged to even send in their own relationship questions for her to answer.”

Bianca Teixeira

Read the full Interview of Jillian Rose Reed in SHARP MAGAZINE and get to know this charismatic actress through her YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER channels.

MTV's AWKWARD star Jillian Rose Reed MTV's AWKWARD star Jillian Rose Reed
The PHOTOGRAPHER and MUA for this session was  Dylan Alexander who can be reached via his INSTAGRAM. The STYLISTs were Michael aka Mishka and CLD PR Company. And HAIR was done by Omar Ulises Alvizo.
MTV's AWKWARD star Jillian Rose Reed
Stage Art 4, used for this shoot, is notorious for the  high-key white industrial design. It has also beeb recently adorned with wooden floor section and a wall veneer as well as portable blinds, made of dark wood slats. As any of our stages, Art 4 comes equipped with 3 strobe lights and modifiers as well as backdrop paper of black, white and grey color. Take a look at Stage Art 4 HERE for its availability and pricing!

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