WORKSHOP DAY: "Studio Lighting 101" w/ Toma Kostygina & Model | FD Photo Studio
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WORKSHOP DAY: "Studio Lighting 101" w/ Toma Kostygina & Model -



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Apr 28 2019


12:30 PM - 02:30 PM



WORKSHOP DAY: “Studio Lighting 101” w/ Toma Kostygina & Model

Come learn how to shoot with strobes!

With this easy, introductory workshop ending with a test shoot, you will get the knowledge you have been looking for! Practice is the best way to go here 😉 This class, taking place on April 28th as part of our big Workshop Day event series partnered with LM Meets, from 12:30pm to 2:30pm (in Hill 2), will focus on 1, 2 and 3 studio light setups. You are welcome to use photos taken at the class for your personal and professional portfolio. After class ends, you will have access to attend the photography and modeling MEETUP from 5pm-7pm where you can work and network with other models and photographers as well as try out the new techniques learned in classe. Hope to see you there!

Please meet our speaker for this class:

Toma Kostygina

With thousands of hours spent on sets and at photo studios, Toma has gained experience in everything that you need to start working with studio lights. She has been always inspired by photography masters and artists so she’s decided to take it to the next level. While attending Photo classes at Santa Monica college, she has mastered creation of custom sets and thorough production. From assisting on sets such as for Coca-Cola, Italian Vogue, GQ, Interview magazines and Benefit cosmetics she is now working with A-list photographers and magazines. Toma is always in search of improvement her skills and creativity. You will find her work bright and colorful with some concept behind like for Grammy-nominated Sofi Tukker or David Bowie Tribute.

‘You are smarter than your camera’ Toma says.

So, come say hi and make the first step in your Studio light skills!

Here is the plan:

  1. Introduction.
  2. How studio lights work.
  3. Light modifiers demonstration.
  4. Additional lights & modifiers.
  5. 3-light set up for a portrait & practice.

This Introductory level welcomes everyone!



Sold out!

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