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Light and Shadows - Group Shoot



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Light & Shadows – Group Shoot with a Projector and 2 Professional Models

It’s Group Shoot Day!! YAY

~ Join us for our Light & Shadows Group Shoot on Sept 14th ~

Have you been wanting to put together an editorial team but you haven’t found the time?
Have you been dreaming of hiring professional agency models for a project but didn’t have the budget? Wanna test your newly acquired gear?
We all know photo projects can get expensive: studio time, models, makeup artist, stylist, creative direction, props, etc, all that adds up!

But there’s good news. No need to drop a hefty $1500 on a portfolio building shoot, we got you fam. ♥

On Friday September 14th, 6-9pm, we will gather all the elements necessary to create some amazing images, at an affordable price and absolutely no planning on your part. Just bring your camera and your shooting hat!

During this group shoot, you will enjoy:

  • 2 Professional Agency Models with diverse looks
  • 1 Space with a natural light furnished corner and another with backdrop and studio lights.
  • 1 projector and plenty of designs to pick from
  • 3 Hours of Studio Time
  • Props, lighting gear
  • Networking Time with other Creatives

Get ready to shoot, practice, network, push your limits, get inspired, and all that for only 125$!

BTW. If you’d like to use a custom pattern – send it to us before the event and we’ll have it ready on the projector for you.


Sasha @genenfeld

Alena @alena_n_star


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