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Singer Vailence brings "Reality" -wrongron, Wrong Ron, Vailence, Studio Photography, shot at FD Photo Studio, Sean Elayda, rental stages, pro stage I, Los Angeles, HumanDesigns, FD photo studio, fashion, blog, !Stage Pro I, !done

Singer Vailence brings “Reality”

11:11 20 June in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

Cosplay star, musician and model Vailence might bedazzle you with her futuristic outfits. Going through various characters - elf, candy cane girl, a witch, etc - this lady never stops changing and impressing us with unquenchable imagination. This time Vailence was shooting a music video in...

Mary Escalona for GAROTA -wrongron, Wrong Ron, Stage Art 3, shot at FD Photo Studio, Rose wall, props, Photoshop, Photoshoot, photography services, photographer, modelinterrupted, Mary Escalona, GAROTA, FD photo studio, elina fedorova, DTLA, blog, bathtub, Art Studios, !done, !Art3

Mary Escalona for GAROTA

11:11 18 June in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

Cover photo captured by @maryescalonaphoto, model @elinafedorova, Outfit by @soygarota     Amazing photographer Mary Escalona has visited our stages Art 3 and Art 4 to shoot speechlessly gorgeous models for a clothing brand from the heart of Los Angeles "GAROTA". Clean, warm photos softened by the natural light surely impress by...

GRAND OPENING! Hill Location -Wooden walls, wooden floor, Studio News, Shoot Location, Rental Studio, Photoshop, Photoshoot, photography services, photographer, Photo Studio, party, networking, Los Angeles, Hill Location, GRAND OPENING, Filming Location, FD photo studio, DTLA, Art 4, !done

GRAND OPENING! Hill Location

11:11 15 June in Blog, Studio News by Ron

Here at FD Photo Studio we always strive to provide the best locations with variety of stages to enhance your creative choice and overall product. It is not a secret that our studios have become very popular which caused some difficulty for our clients in...

Mike Maya + Ashley Horne

Mike Maya + Ashley Horne

23:11 10 June in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Student

Our stage Art 2 is a dreamlike location. Many photographers already know that. Mike Maya knows that. This why he has chosen to shoot the model Ashley Horne in natural light and get amazing pictures out of it. Shooting lifestyle, Mike improvised as the session...

MIRRORLESS is the way you want to go -wrongron, Wrong Ron, Studio Photography, Sony a9, shot at FD Photo Studio, rental stages, Photoshop, Photoshoot, paid photography, Nikon 5D, modeling, mirrorless camera, Los Angeles, History of photography, gear, FD photo studio, fashion photographer, DTLA, DSLR, Cannon 1DX, blog

MIRRORLESS is the way you want to go

11:11 30 May in Blog, Photography Blog by Ron

This year at NAB show Sony has announced their new Sony a9 camera that will supposedly change the game of the industry and overshadow DSLR  market. Starting from 2010 the mirrorless trend has been developing rapidly and last year the ratio of sales between DSLR...

Lacey Rogers & Chanell Lee go yellow

Lacey Rogers & Chanell Lee go yellow

11:11 26 May in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

What is your favorite color? Would you pick bright and happy, dark and mysterious or minimalistic white and black color play on your favorite palate? Believe it or not, there are actually trends in photography that circle about a particular tonal directions. As in fashion, the photography...

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