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Why You Should Rent a Studio

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Why You Should Rent a Studio

11:09 25 April in Photography Blog

For many people shooting pictures is a hobby and for many it is their passion. The professional ones are the people who love shooting in a studio. Shooting in a studio might seem scary and difficult, but it is quite the opposite. For amateur photographers and professionals, the very idea of shooting in a studio excites them.

The problem lies in the fear- fear of failure. Many of us would love to do a studio shoot but refrain themselves from doing. In the beginning it seems complicated but as your love for photography overtakes your fear, things become really interesting and easy.

Also, the process of shooting in a studio when done in the right way can turn out to be your best decision. It is encouraging and also affordable. 

So here we have some benefits of shooting in a studio.


Any photographer’s wish is to shoot clear, sharp and detailed images. To achieve this, a studio is the right place. In a studio lighting can be controlled and shaped according to your needs which gives the desired images.

Buying your own equipment can be very expensive. For this very reason, renting a studio already equipped with all the required material is the best option. Renting a studio is also considered to be a good investment. 


Why You Should Rent a Studio -

Studios come in different sizes. The point is to decide how much space you would need.

While renting a studio is a good option, it is not all easy. It is very important to find the right studio where you can get your desired images.

The following are a few tips to keep in mind while renting a studio.


Probably the most important factor is the cost of renting.The first step is to decide your budget and then contact studios. Most of the studios charge on hourly basis while some others do it on the basis of the number of days needed.This can be solved by fixing the time you need to finish the shoot. Always double check the rates before you start your work.


Studios come in different sizes. The point is to decide how much space you would need. Also another factor to be kept in mind is that a bigger size may mean a heavier cost. Mostly all photographers opt for studios with a large size.These are more convenient to work in and have more creative options to shoot in.

Why You Should Rent a Studio -

Mostly all photographers opt for studios with a large size.These are more convenient to work in and have more creative options to shoot in.


Business has its own tricks. Many studios that seem inexpensive sometimes burn a huge hole in your pocket. This is because of hidden charges that are not mentioned. While discussing the rates make sure you include all aspects like parking, use of special equipments etc. This will prevent unexpected increase in the expenses.


Since it is shooting that needs to be covered, it is very common that photographers tend to fall short of the time allotted to them. Various circumstances can lead to delay in the wrap up of the shoot. So it is important to check the rates in case you go overtime with your shoot. As far as possible, avoid any such overtime.


Most studios include the equipment expenses in their total rates but some studios exclude it. Clarify the rates of equipments and double check to see what is included in the total rate of renting the studio. You might also need some additional equipments for your shoot and for those make sure to check the rates.

Why You Should Rent a Studio -

You might also need some additional equipment for your shoot.



Professional photographers usually employ their own assistants. But if you are new to the whole procedure of shooting in a studio you might need an assistant to help you. Some studios offer assistants to work with you. This is beneficial in understanding the studio environment and will also save your time. It also depends on how comfortable you are while working with someone. Also check the rate of hiring an assistant. But if you prefer shooting alone, then that can be avoided.

After deciding on which studio to rent, the next big step is to make the necessary preparations.

The first requirement is that you need to be talented and also know how to make the best of it. Here we have the tips to set up your shoot.


Once you have the right set up the next important thing is your subject, your model. Hiring a professional model seems the right option but it can turn out to be expensive. Choose someone interesting or someone you are comfortable working with like a  friend or family.

Once you choose your subject decide on the proper lighting. For example, shooting a child in bold lighting can go wrong in many ways.


Build a comfort level with your model. Sit with them and involve them with planning of the shoot. Many models, mostly those who are acquainted with studio shooting have ideas and suggestions that can take your shoot to another level. Include their suggestions and maintain a good rapport with them.

Why You Should Rent a Studio -

Build a comfort level with your model.


The main reason of shooting in a studio is the lighting facility. But this is also the section where a lot of time gets consumed. Do a lot of research on the various ideas and techniques of lighting. If it is your first time in a studio, go for the simplest method to avoid any complications.Plan your required lighting and check if it complements the model working on it. Single light setups, headshots and plain backdrop shots bring out great shots.


Shooting in a studio can never be a one man show. Efforts of every individual gives rise to the perfect shoot. Make a team of people you are comfortable working with. This will make the process of shooting a fun task.Also while working as a team the costs involved can be shared. This will also save a lot of your time.


If you plan to enter studio photography, renting a studio is the best decision. Working in a studio can erase all your fears and help build your confidence. Mastering studio photography takes a lot of time and effort. But if done the right way with the right management it can polish your photographic skills. Step out of your comfort zone and experience the environment of working in a studio. It will definitely encourage you to work better and be a rewarding experience.

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