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Ben Lozano Jr. shoots Andrea Christine

11:11 23 February in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

A lovely photo session happened recently with Pro stage I walls where a charming model Andrea Christine had a few looks to show off. Brightly lit, sensually delivered, the photoshoot was definitely the success.    Few words about photographer and his experience at FD: "I am a photographer who...


5 Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

11:11 11 February in Blog, Photography Blog by Ron

It is that time of the year! Hearts and flowers are piercing their way out from stores' shelves leaving you no chance but to remind about upcoming, the most amorous day of the year - the Valentine's Day. As it approaches, many couples are interested...


Jon Sams + Alex Bar

11:11 10 February in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

 Jon Sams, one of our most prolific and fast advancing photographers never ceases to amaze. This time he was shooting a fashion guru Alex Bar for his blog called "Black Leather Jacket". Shot in a golden hour with pre-sunset light, these photos are top quality content...


BLD&KIN new campaign

11:11 06 February in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

The season is almost over and it is time to shoot a new collection for your brand. You've already chosen models and a photographer for the session and now need to decide on the location. If you were as clever as BLD&KIN you would choose...


Lauren in red by Karen Jackson

11:11 04 February in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

Eye-catching red dress with gloves, adorned by PRO I's red wall and silver lounge chair have created a picture-perfect composition where everything just works out perfectly together. Photographer Karen Jackson felt very happy with the choice of model, outfit, the stage and overall results.   This session's...


Lala by Sam Velasquez

11:11 31 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

A good drama is worth gold. A good black and white photo has always a good drama. The ultimate fight of a light and shadow results and beautiful edges and unique highlights. As on this model, Lala: Sam shared with us his story as a photographer: "I...

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