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Pro Stage III

Soundproof stage with LED lights and a make-up station room

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Pro Studio III is a true blackout photostudio which is also soundproof! There are a few layers of soundproofing and LED lights set up.
The studio itself measures about 30 feet in length and 18 feet in width, giving you plenty of room to play with. This photo studio for rent’s is ideal for interviews and precise lighting set ups.
All FD Photo Studio rentals come with an assortment of included extras, like strobe lights, c-stands, free Wi-Fi, a mini-fridge, makeup stations, pre installed paper backdrops, and alot more.
There's also no need to worry about extra insurance or permit fees for regular photoshoots, and we guarantee you 100 percent privacy while you're conducting your shoot. Pro III Studio's rental rates are very affordable especially if you take advantage of our 4,8 or 12 hour package discounts.
Don't miss the chance to experience Pro Studio III's unique LED lights set up and soundproofing for sound recording and perfect lighting control.
Rent this photo studio today, and let FD Photo Studio show you what flexibility can do for your next project.
  • Included With Each Rent

  • 100% Private Stage
    No Deposit Required
    No Insurance / Permits
  • Wireless Triggers
    Paper Backdrops
  • 2x Make-up Station
    Sound System (AUX)
    Free Wi-Fi
  • AC / Fan (14k BTU)
    Mini Fridge (3.2 cu.ft.)

Rental Rates

  • Monday - Friday

  • Saturday - Sunday

  • 12 Hour Pack Can be split
    30% Discount Total: $419
  • 8 Hour Pack
    20% Discount Total: $319
  • 4 Hour Pack
    10% Discount Total: $179
  • Rent By Hour 1 hour minimum
  • 12 Hour Pack Can be split
    27% Discount Total: $479
  • 8 Hour Pack
    18% Discount Total: $359
  • 4 Hour Pack
    9% Discount Total: $199
  • Rent By Hour 1 hour minimum
Not including processing fee
Such as you can use 2 hours today, 1 hour tomorrow and save the rest for your next project. Hours never expire

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Three default colors (White, Grey and Black) and the first color backdrop's installations are FREE! Additional color backdrops are just $10/installation. All backdrops are $4.99 per damaged foot.

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Hello, is it possible to book it for half a day, with discount? Thank you.

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hi Matthew, yes, we have pretty sweet discounts for our 4hr (10% off) , 8hr (20% off), 12hr packages (30% off). Depending on the day of the week, prices would very menially. Please check our Rental Rates above.


Is there a white paper backdrop inside too?

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hey Jose, thank you for asking! We do provide three backdrops of white, black and grey color that we can setup for you inside PRO stage III. We will install backdrops on portable C-stands, so it can be moved around! If you would like to install a custom color backdrop, please let us know in advance, so we could prepare it for you. Thank you.

Alex D.

Hello FD, do you provide any sound recording equipment with the studio, like microphones? Just curious.

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hi Alex, good question! Currently we do not offer any sound related equipment. However, feel free to bring any gear you like to set it up inside the stage! Thank you.


Hi, I want to shoot a music video there. Do you provide any lights for video? Thanks

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hi, Gilbert! We usually include 3 strobe lights Paul C. Buff “Alien Bee 800” models for free with every rental. However, those lights are only meant to be used in photography. If you are interested in continuous lighting (lights that stay on) for video production , we also offer Dimmable LED light panels (900 Bids, CRI 96+) for $35/booking. Not to mentioned already installed LED lights inside the stage, that you can play with (dimmable switch) as well. Thank you!

Adrian K.

Hello FD. Are there any windows in this stage? Thank you.

FD Photo Studio Consultant

Hi Adrian! There are no windows in PRO stage III. The entire studio is a sound insulated box, built for sound-sensitive production, i.e. voice recordings, interviews, etc. It is also perfect for complete strobe light control, as no natural light will interfere. Thank you.

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