SLATE SWIM Collection

SLATE SWIM Collection

SLATE SWIM Collection

11:11 23 July in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Running a photo studio in LA one can say with certainty that the city has a vast, diverse set of potential clients.  LA is known for housing big entertainment production groups as well as trendy fashion brands. The team from SLATE SWIM label, a Los Angeles based company that focuses on contemporary swimwear  embodying minimal design, had a recent shoot with photographer Justin Mooney in our stage D. 

SLATE SWIM Collection SLATE SWIM Collection SLATE SWIM Collection

About the session and the brand’s vision:

“Slate was aiming to take the brand imagery to the next level of minimalistic, high-end approach with that LA feel. Designer, Jessica Liao and Justin worked together to direct a creative aesthetic that truly matched SLATE SWIM’s design. FD Studio brought the exact backdrop and fun environment to execute a fun, innovative experience, resulting in perfect photos to tell the story.

You can read more about the experience on Slate Swim’s blog.”

The photographer for the session was a maestro Justin Mooney . The Designer and the owner of Slate Swim is Jessica Liao . Make up was provided by an artist Candyce Williams. Models  for the shoot were Audrey Bradford , Kristen Pettey and Amber Bernstein.

 SLATE SWIM Collection SLATE SWIM Collection

Stage D was chosen as a creative space for this session. Working with  both natural light and strobes this stage provides the best lighting solutions in any instance. With lots of space to encompass, stage D gives the opportunity for creating different diverse looks for photo and video projects. Towards the sunset the studio gets plenty of great, warm light through large south-west facing frosted windows. Have a look at our calendar for availability, prices and contacts on our WEBSITE.

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