Raychel Weiner for The Glass Camera

Bianca Gerasia + Raychel Diane Weiner

Raychel Weiner for The Glass Camera

11:11 19 July in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Photographer Bianca Gerasia, through her artistic platform The Glass Camera  recently took full advantage of the props and the beautiful rose wall we have installed in Stage Art 3 by making amazing dance images with stunning young model/ballerina Raychel D.Weiner.

The Glass Camera by: Bianca Gerasia The Glass Camera by: Bianca Gerasia


Here is a brief information from Bianca about herself, The Glass Camera and the shoot:

“I am a Bi-coastal Freelance visionary artist and photographer. Traveling to and from NYC&LA. I don’t consider myself a photographer as much as I do a visionary and artist. All my work is about capturing things from my point of view and making anything possible with a photo. For shoots I don’t usually have a plan, just maybe a brief concept or so but once we are in the studio it’s all up to the models and our relationship to discover what we will create. I always tell the models to just do whatever they feel and to just be themselves. As little direction as possible, otherwise we are preventing ourselves from expressing our creativity. If we all took pictures from the same angle, pose, and proper lighting nothing would stand out except for a different face in front of the lens now and then.

Bianca Gerasia is a photographer specializing in fashion, portraits, and original creative artistic projects. Have a look at her stirring WEBSITE for more of her outstanding work as well as her INSTAGRAM for daily updates.

The Glass Camera by: Bianca GerasiaThe talent for the shoot was a Model/Actress/Ballerina: Raychel D.Weiner, who has already established a prolific career in television/ film industry and starred in highly rated TV Series such as “Flesh And Bone” and “Making Moves”.  For Raychel’s complete filmography please see her IMDB profile or you can connect with her via INSTAGRAM.




Stage Art 3The Glass Camera by: Bianca Gerasia is one of our most popular stages. Featuring shot perfect props such as an elegant white-and-gold chair with a mirror as well as a luxurious bathtub, this stage is always on a high demand. Art 3 now also presents a gorgeous rose wall for your unrivaled, outstanding background setting. Besides, this studio is supplied with a seamless backdrop paper of  black,grey and white color and studio lighting found in all of our spaces, promoting it as a very flexible creative space. For pictures and more information about stage Art 3 check out our WEBSITE.


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