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Pet Pigeons at FD

Pet Pigeons at FD

Pet Pigeons at FD

08:00 08 June in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Designer Veronica Lopez, along with her creative team, was in the studio shooting an amazing campaign for Pet Pigeons, an LA based boutique. Veronica provided creative direction, and Adrian Pruett was responsible for this amazing cinematography.

A little bit about the designer: “Veronica transforms heavy metals, natural stones, and colorful wire into handmade, one of a kind, emotional expressions of strength and boldness. Her love of the female form and the aspirational and transformational nature of jewelry drives her new levels with each collection.”

Be sure to head over to the website to see more of what Pet Pigeons has to offer: //

Director of Photography Adrian Pruett has a vast resume with some impressive experience, as well as an amazing body of work. Check out more of his work and connect via his WEBSITE.

The original video, some beautiful stills, and the full creative team can be found HERE on the Pet Pigeons website.

Pet Pigeons Espíritus Collection from adrian pruett on Vimeo.

Stage C was used for this shoot, and thanks to some amazing creativity, the space was transformed into something sleek and simply beautiful. The studio features a high-key industrial look, with a huge bank of windows running along the east side of the studio. Equipped with a 19′ cyc-wall, standard colored photo backdrop paper, a green grass wall, 28″ Mola Setti beauty dish, and more, Stage C is a true photo/video playground! Take a look at Stage C HERE.

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