Maddy Welk + Holly Hicks

Maddy Welk + Holly Hicks

Maddy Welk + Holly Hicks

11:11 14 August in Shot at FD Photo Studio

Maddy Welk, brilliant photgrapher based in Los Angeles alongside the dazzling redhead model Holly Hicks paid a visit to our stage Art 4 and delivered very genuine, clean shots to our liking.

Maddy Welk + Holly Hicks  Maddy Welk + Holly Hicks

It is actually surprising to hear that it was Maddy’s first time doing a shoot at a professional studio. She was very kind to inform us about her experience of shooting in stage Art 4:


“I’m so happy with these photos and I personally believe that they are the magnum opus of my photography career. If someone were to ask me what made the photos turn out so well I’d say it’s about 80% lighting, 10% my editing skills, and 10% me physically taking the pictures. FD Studio pretty much revolutionized the way I do photography. Me and my model Holly had an amazing time and I’ll definitely be coming back soon!”


The crew was very small and comprised only the photographer and the model. Maddy Welk, empowered by her incredible talent, vision and simply being “Pisces af” brings you some amazing photos to enjoy on her  INSTAGRAM page and WEBSITE.  And be careful not to fall in love with Holly after seeing her INSTAGRAM page as well!

 Maddy Welk + Holly Hicks  Maddy Welk + Holly Hicks

Stage Art 4, used for this shoot, is under a renovation process as of now. We are making sure to retain that  high-key white industrial design that FD is notorious for, while enriching it with wooden floor section as well wall veneer and a portable blinds made of dark wood slats. As any of our stages, Art 4 comes equipped with 3 strobe lights and modifiers as well as backdrop paper of black, white and grey color. Take a look at Stage Art 4 HERE for its availability and pricing!
Maddy Welk + Holly Hicks

by Wrong Ron

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