LASplash Cosmetics

LASplash Cosmetics

LASplash Cosmetics

11:11 28 October in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

In the MakeUp industry there are thousands of companies that flood the market with a cookie cutter cosmetics  justifing neither your hopes nor your money. Unlike such, a few companies really put the effort in creating a distinctive product that would provide both high quality level and fresh innovative result. One of these companies, a proudly domestic LASplash Cosmetics had a recent photoshoot for their new “Golden Goddess Collection” in our stage A.

LASplash Cosmetics LASplash CosmeticsLASplash Cosmetics

So what is it that makes LASplash stand out?

“LASplash Cosmetics, a division of Jon Davler, Incorporated, was founded February 2001 in Los Angeles, California. LASplash Cosmetics features the First Cruelty-Free Waterproof Liquid to Matte Lipstick Formula in the cosmetics industry and proudly Made in USA.  The primary goal of our company is to create high quality, colorful cosmetics for trendy, hip, modern and fashion-forward consumers.   All color additives used by LASplash Cosmetics are FDA approved. We currently have four unique Collections of waterproof liquid lipsticks that are  transfer free, with different texture, and matte and metallic finish. Our extensive color library makes us stand apart and above other major cosmetic brands, since less than a handful available cater to as wide an array of consumers as LASplash Cosmetics. Thus, a greater selection of choice for everyone. LASplash Cosmetics prides itself by catering to a wider range of consumers than other cosmetic companies by utilizing more vibrant and trendy colors.”

LASplash Cosmetics LASplash Cosmetics

Find Out More about the Company LASplash Cosmetics and products they offer on their WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM. The DIRECTOR for this shoot was Marlee Gomez. The PHOTOGRAPHER was Greg Soto. MAKEUP was done by Erika Alcala and Lissette Sandoval. And MODELS were stunning Mayte Lopez and  Shae Ortega.

LASplash Cosmetics

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