Golazin Music Video

Golazin Music Video

Golazin Music Video

11:11 02 August in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Our studio over the years has gained interest, popularity and status of being the perfect location not only for professional high end photoshoots but also for numerous sleek music videos for singers, dancers and artists alike. So was the choice of a talented director and videographer Amir Motaman who paid a visit to stage ART 1 to shoot a video for the talent Golazin and her song called “The Chosen One”.

Golazin Music Video  Golazin Music Video

Here is a brief bio about Golazin:

“Gola was born in Isfahan, Persia into a country in political turmoil, at war and with radical rules against female freedom. She showed an early interest in music as a result of seeing her uncle’s performances on TV from birth and she was influenced early by Western music including pop (Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Savage Garden, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and The Backstreet Boys) and traditional/folk music from Spain and Greece. Gola begun singing and playing piano, santoor (dolcimer), dammam (Persian percussion) and flute and at nineteen joined Persia’s first girlband ‘Orkideh’ (Orchid). This resulted in touring in and around Persia performing on a regular basis and gaining a substantial fanbase.

Moving to London in 2006 she began studying for her Master and then PhD in Music Psychology and performing in the UK and France. More recently she has worked on her idea of combining her knowledge of Eastern music with the sounds of the West to create a new sound from the best of both worlds and raise awareness of Iran. Gola can be found performing her own material and covers in and around London on a regular basis.”



The Director for the shoot was Amir Motaman who has already accumulated an outstanding portfolio available on his WEBSITE. Make sure to check his INSTAGRAM as well.

For more amazing songs from Golazin’s repertoire take a look and subscribe to her YOUTUBE channel, as well as INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

Golazin Music Video

Stage Art 1 has already established itself as a tremendously photogenic and efficient location for the shoots of vast scope of application and character. Furnished with unique props such asgold-sprayed palm branches, a white grand piano and newly installed dark wood  wall veneer this stage is constantly on a high demand. Its perfect natural light conditions sustain such quality throughout the entire day, thanks to large top-to-bottom windows facing west and south. Aside from its one-of-a-kind perks, this space provides 3 light strobes, paper backdrops of white, grey and black color available at all of our studios. Take a closer look at ART 1 on our WEBSITE.

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