Fashion Shoot with Samuel Hernandez

Fashion Shoot with Samuel Hernandez

Fashion Shoot with Samuel Hernandez

11:11 07 October in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Sometimes all you need is just one perfect shot. No variations would stand near. No time is waisted in preparation. And each minute of the professional effort is engraved on it. That is what Samuel Hernandez, empowered by a team of industry pros, came for in our stage F

… and fulfilled.

The PHOTOGRAPHER, Samuel Hernandez has a very short yet concise description of his professional endeavor:

“Based in Los Angeles,
Sam Hernandez has shot everything
from the Emmys and pro sports
to corporate events, commercial catalogs
and the Burlesque Hall of Fame. “

Make sure to check his WEBSITE for more intriguing and experimental work as well as top-notch shots of best canons of fashion. And don’t forget to follow him on INSTAGRAM.
The MUA for the shoot was Kira Von Sutra. HAIR was done by Rockwell DeVil. Sexy latex WARDROBE was created and provided by Abigail Greydanus. And the MODEL of this session was dazzling Lauren WK.
 Fashion Shoot with Samuel Hernandez Fashion Shoot with Samuel Hernandez Fashion Shoot with Samuel Hernandez
StageF was used for this team’s creative session. The studio is the smallest space we currently offer for our clients. Yet it is one of the most brightest stages with the tremendous amount of natural light coming from North West. It has gained a nickname –  “light box” by some of our regulars and it truly fulfills it at any time of the day from dawn until dusk. This studio also features two section laminate floor of white and dark color for your creative needs. As with any of our stages, Studio F comes with 3 strobe lights already included in the hourly rate and backdrop seamless paper installed. Take a closer look HERE.


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