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Shot at FD Photo Studio

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Rick Ruiz + Celina Valdez

11:11 08 May in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Wrong Ron

A classic duo, photographer + model, is an efficient and sufficient crew volume to come up with great looking pictures. Having no other people around provides an opportunity for both to open up completely and shot one's true self. Aren't these the moments we all...

Conceptual Photography: Oliver Ojeil

Conceptual Photography: Oliver Ojeil

11:11 07 May in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Wrong Ron

Conceptual photography, hands down, is at the forefront of the artistic picturesque expression. While it sometimes has downsides of the mass market value and financial value, it definitely freshens up the mind and enriches the flavor palette of any tastemaker. Photographer, Film Director and Screenwriter Oliver...

Jasmine Garcia as Sexy Boxer

Jasmine Garcia as Sexy Boxer

11:11 30 April in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Wrong Ron

Who knew that boxing, bloody and tough sport where with the drops of sweat being dropped one drops his consciousness, can actually be sexy and charming. Photographer Jonathan Perez and Model Jasmine Garcia explored the other side of boxing where instead of laying on dirty ring a comfy...

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