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Planning a Photo Shoot -tips, planning a photo shoot, helper

Planning a Photo Shoot

14:15 08 August in Blog, Photography Blog by Toma

We are so lucky and happy to work with many both beginners and professional photographers in our photo studio! It's a pity to see something going wrong at the shoots. So we summed our experience and came up with some advice for photographers on how...

Film Noir Lighting -

Film Noir Lighting

20:32 20 July in Photography Blog by Toma

I bet most of you can recognize film noir style - deep dark shadows with hard edges, bright highlights, high contrast, shooting through go-bos or cucoloris - all that creates dramatic lighting. This style has been used by filmmakers for ages. George Hurrell is the...

Studio Lighting: Modifiers -

Studio Lighting: Modifiers

13:59 02 July in Photography Blog by Toma

Not sure if a beauty dish makes a picture more beautiful? How soft is a soft box? Is an umbrella going to save you from rain? Is a bounce card friendly? I will spill the light on some light modifiers today. As you probably know, light travels...

photo shoot secrets

The Best Model Photo Shoot Secrets

13:12 23 May in Photography Blog by admin

Introduction In this era of technology and computer tricks, it is easy to get away with many things especially those involving photos. This piece of work will take you through some of the best model photo shoot secrets that you need to know. Leave alone the...

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FD Photo Studio Rental Benefits

13:02 23 May in Photography Blog by admin

Any photographer whether they are a professional or a rookie will find that having access to FD Photo Studio Rental offers many benefits. Renting a photo studio can help you achieve the most professional looking photos that you have ever taken. You’ll find that once...

photographer at photo studio

FD Photo Studio Rental For Pros and Rookies

12:54 23 May in Photography Blog by admin

Whether photography is your hobby, passion or profession you’ll find that FD Photo Studio Rental can be beneficial for pros as well as rookies. Our rental studios offer the photographer the ability to work or play in a controlled environment that can offer photos that...

Famous Photographers of All Time

20:06 20 May in Photography Blog by admin

There are photographers whose work has remained outstanding many years after their work was discovered. The quality of their work has remained among the best many years after their demise. What made these photographers outstanding in their day? It is the quality of work that...

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