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a race car inside a photo studio

Why You Should Rent a Studio

11:09 25 April in Photography Blog by FD Photo Studio

For many people shooting pictures is a hobby and for many it is their passion. The professional ones are the people who love shooting in a studio. Shooting in a studio might seem scary and difficult, but it is quite the opposite. For amateur photographers...

photo studio equipment

Photo Studio Equipment: Should I Buy or Rent?

10:17 22 April in Photography Blog by FD Photo Studio

Cost of Equipment You'll Have Everything You Need You Don't Have to Worry About Upgrading There Won't Be Any Storage Issues Set-Up Issues You Can Get Started Right Away Higher-Quality Equipment Great Set-Up for Taking Pictures Try it Out Without the Commitment If you are interested in professional photography but don't have the necessary...

20 Advantages of Shooting in a Studio -

20 Advantages of Shooting in a Studio

10:25 21 April in Photography Blog by FD Photo Studio

Pretty, perfect, flawless- that’s how everyone wants to look like in front of the camera. The real hero behind glamorous shoots is the camera! While location shooting gives the feel of the environment, it is studio shooting that is more preferred by photographers. Here we give...

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