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Lala by Sam Velasquez

11:11 31 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

A good drama is worth gold. A good black and white photo has always a good drama. The ultimate fight of a light and shadow results and beautiful edges and unique highlights. As on this model, Lala: Sam shared with us his story as a photographer: "I...


Bradan Toigo and Nathalie Paris

11:11 29 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

A classic due setup ,photographer + model, has proven many times its efficiency in getting great results. Often, photographers to decide to keep the crew number small to preserve the level of connection with the model . Bradan Toigo and Nathalie Paris definitely made a...


Body Aware, men’s sportswear

11:11 24 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

The photoshoot for Body Aware, a unique men's underwear and sportswear brand was a combination of a perfect fit model, beautiful stage setup, hip outfits a little help of strobe lights. Few words about the brand: "We are located in Scottsdale, AZ and were in need of...


Headshots of Hayley Keown

11:11 22 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

Actress Hayley Keown tried a number of characters while in a series of headshots being captured by Betsy Newman. Nice, even strobe light highlights the entire face of the actress emphasizing on her unique facial features.   An excerpt from Hayley's bio: "I'm Hayley Keown and I live...


Sotiri Mantas shoots Sydnie Miller

11:11 20 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

An incredible collaboration of Satiri Mantas, Sydnie Miller and other industry professionals  has happened in stage Pro I. We are happy to see that our props are revealed in its full potential on photos, adding lots of flavor to photos.     Few picks from photographer's Instagram feed:   Gusto...


Brains Over Blonde

11:11 18 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Ron

Brains over Blonde founder Anna sure knows how to project confident, happy and energetic mood to photos. The bright ambient light brings even more energy to the frame resulting in very appealing overall composition. Few words about Anna: "Anna is the Founder/CEO of Brains over Blonde, a...

Blue Scooter in Hill 4

Hill 4 just got way more tropical!

11:11 17 January in Blog, Studio News by Ron

Previous year we had series of heavy upgrades across all Hill stages. This year is not an exception, folks. Stage  Hill 4 just received a few more toys. A tropical corner covered in green leaves. Blue scooter...

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