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Musician AMIRA goes 90's

Musician AMIRA goes 90’s

11:11 10 July in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Wrong Ron

Artist Amira had a very stylish photoshoot inspired by the 90s fun throwback as a support for her upcoming r&b project entitled "1993." Money, condoms, retro cell phone and bright yellow color of these series take us back to the time of fun and hustle.   Find Out more...

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11:11 09 July in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Wrong Ron

Nowadays the industry demands more and more multitalented artists to showcase their versatile expression in as many ways as possible to make a hit. While some artists faint under such overwhelming pressure, others like Auti Kamal succeed. Dancer, Choreographer and just a stunning Model Auti,...

Rent Photo Studio Pro Stage I

GOING PRO: Pro Stage III + New Toys

11:11 07 July in Blog, Studio News by Wrong Ron

FD Photostudio is constantly on the move towards perfection and diversity. Our goal to deliver affordable yet high class stages is nothing short of self fulfilling prophecy. This year, we have already brought 4 more amazing spacious HILL stages that our clients have already fell...

James Anthony + Marvelous Crew

James Anthony + Marvelous Crew

11:11 06 July in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Wrong Ron

 James Anthony has amazed us again with his extraordinary editorial fashion shoot. Bringing a squad of true masters of their craft the team was able to deliver futuristic, catchy and voguish photos. Whether it is plain grey backdrop or edited in striped background the up-stage and...

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Pro Tip: Muscle Memory

11:11 27 June in Blog, Photography Blog by Wrong Ron

Cover Photo taken by @samgracemiller @diahannelise Every master has a very important weapon in the arsenal called the muscle memory. In situations where a lot of repetitive action is involved, your brain learns to automate the process by remembering the movements of your body and hardwiring...

JunAn for Love and Freedom -wrongron, Wrong Ron, Studio Photography, shot at FD Photo Studio, rooftop, rental stages, Photoshop, Photoshoot, photography services, photographer, outdoors, Love and Freedom, Los Angeles, LNFStudio, JunAn, FD photo studio, fashion store, DTLA, blog, Art location, !done

JunAn for Love and Freedom

11:11 23 June in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio by Wrong Ron

Shooting on the rooftop at times might seem difficult due to weather and lighting condition yet very rewarding. Nothing gives you better perception of unbound space than the elevated wall-less stage. Photographer JunAn has chosen the rooftop to advance the notion of "Love and Freedom" -...

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