Beauty Photoshoot with Saryn Christina

Beauty Photoshoot with Christina Saryn

Beauty Photoshoot with Saryn Christina

11:11 21 July in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Long Beach based photographer Saryn Christina  was invited by incredible team of the award winning hair and makeup artists to do a beauty photoshoot with gorgeous model Darija Varnas in our “blackout” stage B. The final images enriching their portfolio are both breathtaking and moving.

Beauty Photoshoot with Christina SarynA few words about Saryn Christina and her artistic vision:

“I’ve always been a creative person, unfortunately, I’m not the best painter nor can I draw for the life of me.  Though, I have tried!  My dad gave me my first camera in high school, I started taking classes and learning how to process and print my own images there. Fast forward to today, I shoot digital, and retouch all of my images using photoshop and other editing software.  

I’ve had my work shown in galleries from the dirges of Downtown LA to the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills.  I’ve been published internationally in various magazines, as well as a couple of books.  My focus is Fashion, beauty and portrait photography.

I work both on location and in the studio, depending upon what the job calls for. Based in Long Beach, I travel to San Diego and am in Los Angeles on a regular basis.”



Saryn Christina was the photographer for the session. Check her WEBSITE and her INSTAGRAM for more of her work. The hair stylist was the expert Kazuyo Shichiri. The Makeup was mastered by Yukina Mitzuhashi. And the bodyart and nails were done by brilliant Akiko Yamakawa. The model for the shoot is alluring Darija Varnas.

Beauty Photoshoot with Christina Saryn     Beauty Photoshoot with Christina Saryn

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