Authenticity 50 and Jaxon the Pug

Authenticity 50 and Jaxon the Pug

Authenticity 50 and Jaxon the Pug

11:11 17 August in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

It is true, our studios are honored to have trusting and long lasting relationships with major LA model agencies, celebrity artists and fashion clothing vanguard. However, being a versatile creative space that we are also allows to accommodate a great scope of e-commerce product photoshoots, from handcrafted lowrider beach bikes to ready-to-cuddle teddy bears (and I am not making this stuff up, we actually had a shoot for both).

This time we were proud to provide our studio for a very interesting product shoot of the top quality, domestically designed and manufactured bedding that the company Authenticity 50 had brought to our stage C, along with a nice crew of models, photographers, videographers and stylists, and the star of the show – Jaxon the Pug.


Authenticity 50 and Jaxon the Pug  Authenticity 50 and Jaxon the Pug


Authenticity 50‘s mission has a powerful message that lies in the core of its business model:

“A50 was founded on the belief that we can make the finest home goods in the world, right here in America. We don’t compromise on quality. We don’t compromise on values. We don’t manufacture overseas – Never have. Never will.

Our sheets are 100% ‘seed-to-stitch’ made in the USA.  What does that mean? It means the entire manufacturing process – from growing the cotton, to spinning the yarn, to weaving the fabric – is done here.”

 Jimmy & Steph, the Husband/Wife Co-Founders of Authenticity 50 were also kind to share a few words about their session in stage C:
“We shot at FD Photo Studio in February, and had the best time. Not only was this our first real company photo shoot, but this was our first time at FD. We had a lot riding on this shoot, and we were pretty stressed out beforehand. However, any nerves and apprehension were quickly removed, because FD had everything we needed to make the shoot successful. The staff were helpful and friendly, and had all kinds of extra things on hand to assist us. We had ample time and space to complete all of the looks we needed, and our amazing and talented team had a blast. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and look forward to more shoots at FD in the future!”


Authenticity 50 and Jaxon the Pug   Authenticity 50 and Jaxon the Pug
To purchase these top-tier, domestically made bedding products or find out more about A50, have a look at their WEBSITE or follow their INSTAGRAM for hot deals.
The team for the shoot had Maggie Zulovic for Photography, MNK Studio/Matt and Katie Allison for Styling, Pompous Cat Studios for Videography, and Jacquelyn Umof, Ryan Bertroche, and Jaxon the Pug as their models ( I know y’all want to follow IG of this pup but no luck there).
Authenticity 50 and Jaxon the Pug
 Stage C is one of our largest studios, both a favorite for photoshoots and video productions alike. Our clients love the dark concrete floors and high-key industrial white windows of Stage C. Equipped with standard 9′ seamless backdrop paper, Stage C also features a large cyclorama wall – a favorite option for our brands shooting e-commerce and lookbooks. Take a look at Stage C and all of it’s features on our WEBSITE.

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