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4 Fantastic Reasons to Shoot in Studio, Not on Location

4 Fantastic Reasons to Shoot in Studio

4 Fantastic Reasons to Shoot in Studio, Not on Location

06:24 23 November in Photography Blog

If you’ve been thinking about a photography studio rental for your project but you’re still undecided between renting a space or shooting on location, then don’t worry, these tips will help you make the right decision.

While it might seem glamorous shooting your project on location, there are many factors that are often overlooked which can make the whole process a nightmare. These same factors are the reason why choosing a photography studio rental can make your project run smoother and save you a lot of headaches.

Factor #1 – Decoration

If you are filming on location then you have to put a lot of forethought into the decoration that is already there. Any color schemes that you might want will have to take primary priority over things such as distance and costs. This isn’t the case though if you chose to use a professional photo studio as it will be easier to accommodate your needs.

Most studios are willing to completely change the look and the feel of their rooms to suit the customer’s needs. This means they will allow you to change the color scheme and the layout of the room.

Factor #2 – Props

If you have ever shot on location, you probably already understand the hassle of props. Props can carry a lot of secret costs when shooting on location that can simply be avoided when choosing a studio.

Studios are equipped with ample room to store your props and you can always be sure that they are safe. The same cannot be said about photographing on location as the setting hasn’t been designed with your project’s needs in mind.

Factor #3 – Lighting

Any professional photo studio will enable you to get the best you possibly can out of your lighting. It doesn’t matter if it is half past midnight and you need to make it look like lunch time on a sunny day, or if you need to make it look like night time in the middle of the day – in a studio you can do it.

The same cannot be said for a shooting on location. When you work on location you will need to work around whatever time of day you’re there.

Factor #4 – Pedestrians

One of the attractions to location shoots is that you can use famous landmarks as your backdrop.  This is an attraction though that comes with consequences. If you chose to shoot at a famous landmark or even in your local town, you will find that people will just keep getting in the way. This isn’t something that you get while using a professional photo studio, as it’s like being in your own protected bubble.

Photographing on location can have its charms, but are those charms really worth taking on the extra work, especially when you can have all that charm and quirk in a professional photo studio that’s tailored to your needs?

If you need to make the choice, then make sure you make the right one.

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