We just got new C-stands!

FD Photo Studio C-stand with a boom, head and a beauty dish, rotated

We just got new C-stands!

11:06 03 August in Blog, Studio News

FD Photo Studio is happy to announce that we have just received three professional C-stands and two black metal booms!

Guess what? It is also included in your photo studio rental, just ask!

FD_Photo_Studio_C_Stands_01  FD_Photo_Studio_C_Stands_02

Our lights will easily fit them!

FD Photo Studio C-stand with alien bees head and 7'' reflector

Now you can easily raise the light and tilt it with no fear if it is going to crush or to be in your view.

FD_Photo_Studio_C_Stands_05  FD_Photo_Studio_C_Stands_04

Metal joints will provide tightest and strongest connection!

FD_Photo_Studio_C_Stands_07  FD_Photo_Studio_C_Stands_08

Rubberized handle will provide more comfortable grip.

FD Photo Studio C-stand, boom with rubberized handle

Don’t forget to sand the base down and the light stand will be super steady and stable!

FD_Photo_Studio_C_Stands_10  FD_Photo_Studio_C_Stands_base

Don’t hesitate to ask for a C-stand and a boom upon arrival/setting up/booking! It is included in your photo studio rental!

Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment