The Best Model Photo Shoot Secrets

photo shoot secrets

The Best Model Photo Shoot Secrets

13:12 23 May in Photography Blog


In this era of technology and computer tricks, it is easy to get away with many things especially those involving photos. This piece of work will take you through some of the best model photo shoot secrets that you need to know. Leave alone the use of Photoshop in editing and enhancing pictures, there are a lot more that will surprise you. However, it is good to acknowledge the fact that Photoshop can come in handy in many situations to give pictures appealing looks.

Achieving That Perfect Hair-do

When models go for photo shoots whose aim is to get quality pictures for publication on the gallery section of a fashion magazine, it is important for the hair to look good and outstanding. The reality is that not all beauties have such type of hair. One of the effective ways of dealing normal hair that is not soft and classy is to use enhancements. A large percentage of the photo shoots that involve professionals do implement the use of hair extensions. The results are usually unbelievable. Do not be surprised to find out that the models you see on photos with long and beautiful actually have short hair.

Flawless Lashes

For amateur models, it is usually a big challenge to get mascara-ad lashes that are precisely done. However, there are professionals who have come up with ways of achieving the flawless lashes that are common with international models. The trick is to apply a regular wand of mascara on every single lash. This trick is hard to implement but with idea that one has to use a mini brush, that he or she has dipped into the mascara. A simple wipe on the mascara using the brush is enough. Bottom and top brushing of the lashes will be the next step towards achieving superb lashes that identify top-notch celebrities and models.

How to Get Well Fitting Clothes Within Minutes

Outfits and clothes are the other important factor during highly paying photo shoots for actors and models. It is rare to notice flaws on models that are on covers of major magazines regarding their clothing. They always look fitting and of the right size. There are very few cases where this is the reality. The other big percentage of photo shoots involve using of clips and pins to make the dresses fit well with the body shape of the models. This trick has been used for a long time to achieve fake perfection for the public eye while the reality lies with professionals.

Soft Lips All The Time

This next trick and secret that models use involve having presentable and soft lips that give photos the ability to catch the attention of many people. With the extensive travels and long hours of work that is characteristic of many models, having dry lips is inevitable. One will remain wondering about what will happen to such models if they were to attend photo shoot sessions on short notice. The secret on making dry and chapped lips appear soft is massaging them for several seconds while using a mixture of raw sugar and vitamin E. Afterwards, wiping them using a damp piece of cloth will do the magic.

Getting A Perfect Makeup

Makeup artists and professionals do not have enough time to do their thing in some situations. Despite the limited time in such situations, presenting low quality makeup is unacceptable. This is the reason why most, if not all professional photo session produce awesome pictures. The secret that makeup artists have on dealing with limited time while applying makeup is to use multiple sticks. When applied using the appropriate body lotion, the eyes, lips and body will sculpt harmoniously for a great session of photo taking.

A Tight Budget is Not A Shortcoming

In most cases, people model using designer clothes. On mentioning designer clothes, one thing always crosses the mind. It always involve the high cost of such clothes. However, with a limited budget, one can use a little trick to achieve the look of a model. The only thing that has to be present is that one cloth that fits you well but has some small flaw. The next step is to take that outfit to a professional tailor who will take your accurate measurements and make the necessary adjustments. The difference will amaze you. While running on a tight budget, this trick will be helpful.

The Correct Cream Is Always The Trick

Professional photo taking sessions also present different views that require close attention to achieve. For instance, in order to take pictures that show models with shiny skin as if they were on workouts, the use of appropriate creams do come in handy. This is the secret to having such looks in contrast to what people think. The first thing that people think on seeing such photos is a natural look of models who have just left the gym. The reality is quite the contrast. A careful selection of creams for the different parts of the body is what that matters.

Longlasting Hairstyle

The process of taking photos involving models for a given purpose can take several hours. Throughout this time, it is hard to find time to make fixes on the hairstyle. With this idea in mind, the hairstylists strive to give the models styles that can last the whole session. Apart from the long duration, other factors such as hot conditions and fans can temper with the style. As such, using Moroccan oil will make the hair look naturally straight, smooth and sleek. For the curly looks, relaxer fluids always do the trick.

Striking A Unique Pose

Having mentioned some of the most important model photo shoot secrets, striking the most appropriate pose stands out. With a unique and relaxed pose, the resulting picture will be bound to have many views. The secret towards achieving that outstanding pose lies on the flexibility and ability of models to learn and implement new ideas. This factor shows the importance of taking time to learn how to position the body in different ways during the photo taking session. Models spend a lot of time learning how to strike awesome poses. Such long training sessions are some of the secrets that most successful beauties do not tell everyone.

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