Stage C just got a NEW Infinite Wall

Photo Studio for rent with cyc wall

Stage C just got a NEW Infinite Wall

14:46 31 August in Studio News

After finishing our new cyc-wall (also know as “infinite wall”, “curved wall” or cyclorama) in stage C it got a lot of attention and quickly become very popular among our clients and friends photographers.

Smooth lines + good natural light from the window did a great job for perfect catalog or editorial photoshoot., it’s also got featured in couple music videos and video projects.

We didn’t expect it to be used as heavily as it turned out, so  eventually it got some cracks and broken plaster in some spots.

Because we understand the importance of backdrop and expectation of photographers to have a perfectly smooth and clean cyc wall we decided to go with rebuilding it, to provide more durability and to make sure it’s not gonna break again.

The New, rebuilt Cyc wall looks and features the same 19ft wide, 10ft tall and 11ft high measurements and look, our main goal was to insure it doesn’t get cracks during photo or video sessions.


In addition, to provide better service and experience, we repaint the cyc wall with  dead flat white fresh paint everyday, so photographers can start right away with like-new fresh infinite wall.

The use of the cyc wall is still included in the Stage C rental rate, we don’t charge you any extra for it, however we would ask you to be gentle with it and can add a $59 repainting fee if the cyc wall or floor gets dirt, stains or footprint on it (just to cover paint and labor expenses).



Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment