Spring Contest Winners!

WIN a 12 Hour Package at FD!

Spring Contest Winners!

18:55 01 June in Blog, Studio News

FD Photo Studio has been hosting a contest for Spring 2015. The rules were simple, all studio users (photographers, videograpers, hair, makeup, etc.) were encouraged to write a Yelp review, and that made participants eligible to be randomly selected to win a 12, 8, and 4-hour package!

We are extremely grateful for everybody who participated and left a review. We were glad to see that most of the reviews are positive, and are flattered that clients love our studio. We will definitely make sure to address the issues that some of the reviewers brought to light, and we will continue to improve the studio while keeping the same super-affordable rates.

There were a total of 38 reviews, and the prizes were randomly selected from this pool.

HERE ARE THE RESULTS: (Drumroll, please…)

FIRST PLACE: The 12-hour package goes to Dion Bagaporo! Dion is a photographer, designer, and marketing specialist based in Rancho Cucamonga. He got his review in on the last day of the contest period! You can view his full review HERE. Thank you Dion, and congratulations!

SECOND PLACE: The 8-hour package goes to LA based photographer Ricky Dorn. Ricky is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Corona, CA. You can see the kind words and photo taken at the studio HERE. Thank you Ricky!

THIRD PLACE: The 4-hour package winner is Edel Ramirez, AKA: Edelart. Edel is a photographer and an amazing illustrator. You can see the full review along with photos HERE. Congratulations Edel!

HONORABLE PRIZE: There was such great support by our studio users that we decided to give away a bonus 4-hour package! The additional package winner is Ryan L. of Costa Mesa, CA. Take a look at Ryan’s review HERE. Felicitations Ryan!

Thanks again to ALL participants for the wonderful feedback! We will take your comments, good and bad, into consideration and continue to improve our studio. Stay tuned, will will be announcing a similar opportunity soon for this summer! FD Photo Studio thanks you for all of your support!

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