Software for Photo Editing (The Wonders of Photo Editing)

Adobe Lightroom 5

Software for Photo Editing (The Wonders of Photo Editing)

12:25 23 May in Photography Blog

Adobe Lightroom 5Ever look at all the magazines while standing in line at the grocery store and think to yourself, “wow, these people never seem to age”? Then see them on TV, or another publication and they look totally different and wonder what happened between the two pictures? Well, thanks to software photo editing, magic is what happened. How nice it is in today’s world to take a picture, pick and choose the parts of your face, body, hair, skin tone, etc. that you just really do not like and with one click of a button, poof, its all different. Nice, huh?Now, if we could only do this in real life, women and men would flock to the stores purchasing the product doing the magic. With all the technology on the market, how do you decide which software is right for you? Well, the answer is all in what it is you plan to do, how technology smart you are,and how much you want to spend on the software. When software’s such as these first appeared on the market, they were a bit on the cheesy side, but today, you can buy ones that do some pretty incredible things. You can take a regular photo and turn it into a scene right out of a Disney movie. Or take a person and totally change them into a completely different looking person all together. And my favorite, take a large person and make them small, much easier than dieting.

We all have photo’s passed down from other family members that are scratched up or torn, had something spilled on it, or has just faded with time. Did you know there are software’s out there that completely repair these rare family pictures? Just think of all the horrible family Christmas photos that could have been saved if this product was available in the 80’s.
Don’t let fear scare you away from purchasing one of the many photo shopping software, there are many on the market that are made just for beginners with videos to help get you started. For those of you out there that are right up there with the pro’s, there are one’s just for you as well.

Modern technology improves daily. Just think, years ago we only had use of the camera that popped out the picture right when you took it,like it or not, its was what you got. Today, no matter what it looks like, you have the means right at your finger tips to make it look just as you wish it to. So lets take a look at the different options, what they do and the average cost, just remember cost can vary from state to state.

Corel Paint-shop pro X6

Paint Pro is a widely well known software. It offers its user a 64 bit architecture , is user friendly and has a faster speed than any of their other software’s. Paint-shop Offers tools for all skill levels.
New Features:
64-bit power
Auto selection
smart selection brush
video learning
support for 3rd party plug-ins
Price range beginning at $59.00

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

Adobe focuses their product on the fact that it merges in with the social networking in your life. Easily organize, edit, and create amazing photos to share via print, Facebook, the web, and more. You can also take your Elements photos with you, wherever you go, on your smartphone or tablet. 
Friendly and intuitive environment
Bold icons
Action bar
accessible on your mobile device
pet-eye correction 
quickly share with all social media
Price range beginning at $69.00

Serif PhotoPlus X6

This software is known for having an abundance in learning videos to fit the need of the brand new user to even the most experienced user. The downside is that it will take awhile to learn the full potential to all this software has to offer. It is a popular one used with editors and those that have the time to learn from beginning to end. With every step, there is a “tip” window that will pop up offering assistance in the step being attempted. This is the only software that offers this. 

Advanced colour control
Lens correction
Artistic style effects
Protects photos while you edit
Clarity filter
Advanced repair tools
Blend modes and special effects
Warp edits
Pricing: can be found on sale for $29.00

Xara Photo & Graphic designer 9

This software is not for the weak at heart. It can import almost any image file type, has over 360 fonts and 60 creative filters to make your photos sparkle and shine. With all up sides there is a down side, it has a tougher learning curve and the photo editing tools are lost and buried under the design tools. Once you get your photo the way you want it, with Xara you can take it a step further by adding shapes or text, or even use your photos to create web graphics and calenders. This software has background removal, making it simple to remove unwanted photo-bombers, signs, cars or other objects. The largest complaint is the design tools being so hard to find and follow. Once you have mastered the tools and learn the way around this editing software program for photographers and designers of all kinds, you will find that you love it.

Image optimization
Create flawless images
using photo retouching
Create collages
Photo effects
Draw & Paint
Logos & decorative elements
3D Design
Designs Gallery
Slideshow 2
Photo Manager 12

Adobe Lightroom 5

Lightroom has become a extraordinaire platform for managing albums of images and for abundant detailed editing of things like sharpening, lightening, tone, and color while keeping your original files intact. In addition to the top of the line powerhorse workflow tools,professionals will appreciate the gallery templates, flawless proofing capabilities, exportability of slideshows and publishing features. Many modules guide users through this software. In the Library, images and collections are managed through flags, keywords, search features, and can be viewed in different layouts. The Develop module allows for exposure, lighting, color and other image adjustments. Slideshow enables you to package images as presentations or proofs. Print gives you flexibility to package printing and layouts. You can share directly with other devices and social apps in the wide world if the internet.

Comprehensive organization
Robust photo editing
Video previewing
recovering blown out highlights
White balance tweaks
Smart Preview for editing on the go
Price $149.00

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