Sanaz Photography: Ballet

Sanaz Photography: Ballet

Sanaz Photography: Ballet

07:00 02 March in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Photographer Sanaz Heydarkhan was in using Stage A to create some very elegant work with dancer Caroline Siler. Here is a little bit about Sanaz and her work:

“Sanaz Heydarkhan is a photographer who moved to Los Angeles from Sweden. She is a wedding and lifestyle photographer who travels the world for any photography destination. The love for ballet has also made Sanaz photograph ballet dancers and the art of ballet. Good light and fashion are the two important components in Sanaz’s photo sessions and she believes everyone can have amazing photographs and not only models! She wants her clients to have timeless photos and makes each shoot as memorable as possible. Sanaz photographs from the heart and loves connecting with her clients to a level that makes her clients comfortable in front of the camera. Her work is romantic and full of life. To see more of Sanaz’s work please visit her website HERE or her BLOG.”

Sanaz Photography: Ballet   Sanaz Photography: Ballet   Sanaz Photography: Ballet

Here is a little bit about the talent for the seesion: “Caroline Siler is a professional ballerina who started her ballet training at age four with Santa Clarita Ballet. She took and completed every level examination of The Royal Academy of Dance curriculum, passing each with highest scores. Caroline Siler is currently doing freelance work with ballet companies like City of Angels Ballet and California Riverside Ballet to know more about Caroline visit her WEBSITE.”

Sanaz Photography: Ballet   Sanaz Photography: Ballet

Stage A is our natural light studio, with large windows facing north and east. Take a closer look at the stage via our WEBSITE, and look at the video below that this creative team created while they were in! Here is a link to the ORIGINAL VIDEO!

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