Pablo Settecase and Angeline Chow

Pablo Settecase and Angeline Chow

Pablo Settecase and Angeline Chow

07:00 25 February in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Pablo Settecase and Angeline Chow   Pablo Settecase and Angeline Chow

Here are some great natural-light images of Angeline Chow by photographer Pablo Settecase. The duo used Stage C for the shoot, making use of the available light and the cyc wall. Settecase had this to say about his studio experience:

“For this shoot I wanted to utilize the studio setting and natural light as part of the image composition. Stage C was perfect for that. It’s a big, clean space that gave me lots of leg room for Angeline and I to create in. The CYC wall (cyclorama painted wall) was amazing too. Emails with FD and chatting on the website helped me figure out the best time to have the shoot so that I can have both harsh sunlight and that soft afternoon light. They also answered all my crazy questions quickly. FD’s new studio spaces are amazing and I’ll be coming back soon to check out their Pro Stage!”

Pablo Settecase and Angeline Chow   Pablo Settecase and Angeline Chow

Pablo is a passionate software developer and photographer based in Los Angeles. You can find out more information and connect with him on his WEBSITE or via INSTAGRAM. The model for the shoot, Angeline Chow, can be found HERE!

Stage C is a big and beautiful space, with lots of potential to create. The 2400 square foot studio boasts a white cyc wall, and large north-facing windows that can be blacked out. The stage also comes equipped with photo backdrop paper and studio lighting. Head over to our website to take a closer look at Stage C!

Pablo Settecase and Angeline Chow   Pablo Settecase and Angeline Chow

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