New Ring Light & Floor/Wall Backdrops

Floor Bacdrops and Ring flash unit

New Ring Light & Floor/Wall Backdrops

02:22 25 September in Studio News

Ring Light Flash Unit at FD Photo StudioWe recently updated our equipment list with several new items:

First of all it’s a new Ring Light (RingFlash) Unit, which is a powerful self-contained ringflash system designed to meet the challenges of the new-generation creative professional photographer. It is extremely compact, lightweight and easy to use with professional or semi-professional cameras having lenses up to 4 inches in diameter. A studio ringflash is an invaluable and instantly favorite tool of the professional photographer due to its ability to produce essentially shadow-free lighting, revealing unique catchlights in the eyes of subjects when used with fashion and portrait work.

Ring Light Flash Unit with Moon Unit at FD Photo StudioGrey Pine - Photo wall/floor backdropAdditionally we have a 56-inch Moon Unit with Giant 50-inch ring shaped mask for it. The Moon Unit™ is a highly adaptable accessory for our ABR800 Ringflash. It acts as an extremely low weight, ultra thin 56-inch octabox, or a giant 50-inch ringflash for conventional use, or a shadow-free halo light when mounted on-camera for traditional aim-through ringflash use.

Grunge Bricj floor/wall backdropSecond – We got brand new 5ft by 7 ft Floor/Wall drops by Savage. It’s an extremely realistic floor drop, which can also be used as a backdrop. It comes with a heavy-duty non-skid rubber backing, and printed on a very durable material for realistic colors and comfort.

We have Grunge Brick and Gray Pine available. Also Wood Plank and White “Classic Wainscot” backdrops available from a different brand.Floor/wall backdrops at FD Photo Studio

Rent our Studio starting at $24.99, including Lightning & Grip Equipment