Model Mayhem!


Model Mayhem!

22:45 13 September in Blog, Photography Blog

I am pretty sure most of us know what Model Mayhem is. For those who don’t is the #1 portfolio website for professional models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, designers and digital artists. You can easily register there, upload your work on your profile, post castings, meet people and organize your shoots!

We hosted Model Mayhem not so long ago. They came in to shoot their intro to their youtube series with wonderful Kelly Kickham. Check it out!

And there is one more, about some modeling industry lingo.

If you are still not on Model Mayhem, try it out. There are lots of both amateurs and professionals of any kind – MUAs, variety of models, stylists and of course photographers.

These videos were shot in our Stage C, the biggest one, with a combination of sunset window light and simplest cowboy studio lights that we have here, at FD Photo Studio.


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