Mickey’s Girl Shoots at FD

Mickey's Girl at FD Photo Studio

Mickey’s Girl Shoots at FD

08:00 22 January in Blog, Shot at FD Photo Studio

Mickey's Girl at FD Photo StudioMickey’s Girl is an new upcoming e-commerce shop, and they recently were at FD Photo Studio to shoot some fashion images. Founder, Sylvia Avanessian, is always seeking out talented artist to collaborate with and force a strong team together. Check out MickeysGirl.com to see their goods and shop!

Her crew on thiMickey's Girl at FD Photo Studios shoot included LA based photographer Chris Fitzgerald. Chris is a fashion and portrait photographer specializing in raw, intense, telling images, often with an erotic edge. Fitzgerald draws from past experiences in his exciting and colorful past to create powerful, honest and impactful images that people remember. Take a look at more of his work HERE.

Lola Sun was the makeup artist for the shoot, connect with her on INSTAGRAM. The models featured here are Sam Black and Meghan Trew Mullen. Assistant Aine Tracy was also there to ensure a smooth day on set.

These images were created on our (since blacked-out) Stage B, which offers a completely light controlled environment. Nearly all of our stages here at FD Photo Studio offer great natural lighting. Two popular sets with our photographers that love ambient light are Stage A and Stage C.

Mickey's Girl at FD Photo Studio Mickey's Girl at FD Photo StudioMickey's Girl at FD Photo Studio

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