Mannequins Available at FD

Mannequins Available at FD

Mannequins Available at FD

10:38 29 April in Blog, Studio News

Mannequins Available at FDNeed to cleanly display your garments on an appropriate form, or are you simply looking for props to add flare to your shoot? FD Photo Studio is now offering mannequin rentals for just $10 per form for your entire session.

We have 3 styles available:

  • The full body, headless male figure is a light skin tone and stands just shy of 6 feet tall.
  • The full body female figure has a head, a great applicant for a simple showcase of jewelry or headwear. It is a sleek silver color, really making those blacks pop. She stands at an even 6 feet.
  • The torso figure is a cloth padded model in a subtle and classic gray. With the stand, it is 3 feet 5 inches tall.

To secure your mannequin-friend for a shoot, simply make a request when booking or let us know when confirming your reservation with a staff member. At just $10 each, why not!

Mannequins Available at FD   Mannequins Available at FD

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